Parent Teacher Organizations and Advisory Councils

Schools Parent Teacher Organizations

All six schools in Belmont have active parent-teacher organizations PTO/PTA and other parent/community organizations affiliated with our schools and school departments. These groups provide energy and ideas for enriching the social and academic opportunities available to students, staff, and their families. The PTOs sponsor a wide variety of programs and events at each school, including the Kindergarten Extended Day programs, the After School programs, and Arts and Enrichment programs to supplement the curriculum at all grade levels.

Schools Advisory Councils

Each school also has a School Advisory Council comprised of the school principal, teachers, parents, and community representatives.  The role of the Council is to assist the principal in identifying the educational needs of students, adopting educational goals for the school, reviewing the annual budget, and developing the annual School Improvement Plan. These plans guide the school administration, staff, volunteers, and parent community in working toward achieving a set of mutually-agreed upon goals. For more information, please visit schools' web sites:

The Belmont Special Education Advisory Council welcomes parents with similar interests.  In addition, parents are involved in the review of curriculum and are often asked to serve on a curriculum steering committee.