Facilities Rental Information

School facilities are not available for rental during the regularly scheduled school day.  School space requests are considered for Monday through Friday after 6:00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays. School space requests are considered for organizations (non-profit or profit), that are considered organizations under the Articles of Corporations with the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. School space is not for individual use.

Request for space during school recesses (including weekends) and summer are rarely approved in order to provide time for Belmont Public Schools (BPS) and Town of Belmont programs, buildings maintenance, repairs and cleaning.

All permits are subject to approval by the Belmont Schools Superintendent.

There are restrictions regarding the use of auditorium lights, stage access, and sound equipment for any non-school use. Please email Anthony DiCologero at adicologero@belmontschools.net for information on these restrictions as well as information regarding building and custodian fees and insurance requirements.

Depending on the school, permits may not be processed between June 1 and September 15 for the upcoming school year. This allows schools and school offices to concentrate on the opening of the school year and on scheduling spaces for school events and use. You will be notified as soon as possible as to the availability of the space in the school you request.

Belmont Public Schools Building Permit

Belmont Department of Health Food Handling Information and Temporary Food Permit

School Phone Numbers

  • Belmont High School (BHS) – (617) 993-5900

  • BHS Athletics: Field House, Upper Gym, Outside Fields  – (617) 993-5930

  • BHS Auditorium, Black Box Theater - (617) 993-5990

  • Chenery Middle School – (617) 993-5800 (Rec. Dept. permits Chenery field)

  • Burbank Elementary School – (617) 993-5500

  • Butler Elementary School – (617) 993-5550

  • Wellington Elementary School – (617) 993-5600

  • Winn Brook Elementary School – (617) 993-5700 (Rec. Dept. permits Winn Brook field)

Below is the Belmont Public Schools Application Process

  1. Call the school to see if the space you are requesting is available.

  2. Print and fill out the BPS Building Permit.

  3. Send the permit to the school you are requesting space from.
    (Please note permits request space and does not guarantee use of space. Final approval for your permit will come from the Rental Desk.)

  4. Principals, the Building Supervisor, and the Rental Desk will review your application for approval.

  5. You will be contacted regarding any fees or insurance requirements for your permit request. If you have any questions about fees or insurance, please email the BPS Rental Desk.

  6. You will be sent a signed copy of your permit by the Rental Desk when it is approved.

Please note that Rental Applications must be filed at least ten (10) school days prior to the date requested for adequate processing time.