School Committee Policies


This manual contains the official policies of the Belmont Public School District and the procedures intended to implement them.  Belmont Public Schools Policy and Procedures Manual

Policy adoption is the function of the School Committee.  A policy is a guide to chart a course of action.  It expresses the intent of the committee concerning the operation of the school system.  Policy guides the committee in making decisions and indicates practices the administration will follow.

Procedures are detailed directions usually developed by administration to implement, interpret and carry out the intentions of the policy.  They specify a required action or describe administrative arrangements.

This Manual is organized by the following subject areas:

0000   General
1000   Community Relations
2000   Administration
3000   Business and Finance
4000   Personnel
5000   Students
6000   Instruction
7000   Non-instructional services
8000   School Committee governance and operation

This manual was complete and current at the time it was published. The School Committee is in the process of updating the policies to align with the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC). Changes are based on the system's needs, new laws, regulations and court rulings. The applicable policy or procedure shall be the most recently dated document.  In the event of any inconsistency between Belmont policy and federal or state laws and regulations, the federal or state laws and regulations prevail.