The town of Belmont has long considered music to be a core academic content area, and has a long tradition of support for music and arts education. As a result of this ongoing support, the Belmont Public Schools are nationally recognized for its excellence in music education, and has been identified by the American Music Conference and the National Association of Music Merchants as one of the 100 Best Communities in America for Music Education. 

The BPS Music Department offers a comprehensive program that includes instruction in general, instrumental, and choral music led by highly qualified teachers who are leaders on the local and state levels of music education. The Belmont community maintains a strong tradition of supporting the arts as a core subject in the public school curriculum. 

Our music curriculum focuses on skills related to music literacy, which we define as the ability to perform and create music, to perceive and understand music, and to comprehend the powerful connections between music and the world around us. We articulate this paradigm for comprehensive music education through a sequential curriculum with clearly defined skills, concepts and understandings. Our curriculum is grounded in the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework and the National Standards for Arts Education. 

Parents of Music Students, Inc. (POMS)

Parents of Music Students, Inc. (POMS) is a parent/community organization affiliated with the Belmont Public Schools. Established in 1971, POMS has provided tremendous support for the K-12 music program. Ongoing support from POMS provides broad based advocacy for the program at the community level, scholarships for students, recognition of outstanding student achievement, assistance with various school programs and concerts including the marching band and Saturday Morning Music School, clinicians to work with students and faculty, and many other activities that enable the Belmont Public Schools to continue to provide its students with rich musical experiences and a comprehensive program at all grade levels

Instrument Rental

The Belmont Public Schools has carefully selected David French Music as our primary vendor for instrument rentals and repairs.  The average rental cost depends on the instrument, but is typically between $20-40 per month. This is an interest-free, rent-to-own agreement that also includes all standard repairs. While David French Music has been selected as our primary vendor, families are not required to rent or purchase an instrument from David French Music and can obtain an instrument from any vendor that they choose.

Once you have chosen an instrument you should contact David French Music to begin your rental program, or contact another vendor of your choice. Once your rental order has been received by David French Music they will deliver the instrument directly to your school. If you rent through another vendor you will need to pick the instrument up yourself - they will not deliver to our schools.

Families who qualify for a Fee Waiver or Reduction through the Belmont Public Schools are also eligible to receive a scholarship instrument, free of charge, from David French Music.