Grades 4-6 Music at Chenery

The Band, Chorus and Orchestra programs in Belmont are recognized statewide for their long history of excellence. Students who enroll in these programs develop creative, artistic and intellectual skills in a unique and exciting way. 

Grade 4 Music

Every student in Grade 4 attends General Music with their classroom. In addition, Band, Chorus and Orchestra are introduced as large ensemble experiences for students to select. This program includes beginning instruction on string and band instruments, or small group vocal instruction for students who select Chorus.

Grade 5 & 6

Music instruction is provided for all students in Grades 5 and 6. Students have the option to select one of the following experiences:

  • General Music

  • Band

  • Chorus

  • Orchestra

General Music in Grades 5 & 6 meet twice per week. Band, Chorus and Orchestra meet twice per week in large ensembles, and once per week for smaller group lessons.

There is no participation fee required in order to participate in the curricular music programs at Chenery. Most students who elect to play instruments in Band or Orchestra will rent-to-own their instruments. Scholarship instruments are made available to families who request and qualify for financial assistance.

Instrument Choices

Chenery Music Faculty


Specialty Area

Meg Dagon


Job Salazar-Fonseca


Jaclyn Viscardi


Joe Wright

Brass & Percussion

Sara Carson


Allison Iannuzzi

General Music

Saturday Morning Music School

Saturday Morning Music School (SMMS) is an enrichment program intended to enhance the level of instrumental instruction offered to students each week. While students are certainly encouraged to enroll in SMMS, it is not a requirement for participation in the Instrumental Music Program. Registration for SMMS is separate from your registration for the "in-school" Instrumental Music program, and requires payment of a separate tuition fee.

For additional information about SMMS, including registration information, please visit Powers Music