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Acceptable Use Policy for Staff and Students

School Attendance

Extended Absence

  • If a student ends up missing more than 45 school days during the school year for medical/mental health reasons the student will only be able to earn a Pass/Fail for the course grade.

  • If a student works with an outside tutor for more than 50% of the school year the course name on the transcript will reflect this.

Teacher notification of unexcused absence
Teachers will notify parents/guardians each time a student has an unexcused absence by emailing and/or calling the parent/guardian. A template email will be provided to teachers that they can use to send the parent/guardian, notifying them of the unexcused absence. This email must also cc’ the guidance counselor and the assistant principal.

Independent Study Advisors
If you have a student for which you are the advisor for an independent study, you need to be sure to submit the grade (either quarter or semester grade) to Sherri Turner once you have received the grade verification from the professor. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure the professor sends you the grade or the student brings you a grade report from the college.

Cell Phone confiscation
If you take a student’s cell phone away longer than the class period, either keeping it yourself or turning it in at the main office, please contact the parent/guardian letting them know that day that the phone has been confiscated. We need to ensure that we all do this as there was a family emergency that occurred last week and the parent kept trying to reach their child by cell, not knowing that the child’s phone had been taken away and they were deeply worried when they were unable to reach them.  We appreciate your assistance with this. A quick phone call or email to the parent will suffice. Thank you.

All students and guests attending prom must participate in the promenade and travel to and from prom on buses provided by the school. In addition, all students must be in school on the day of prom until at least 10:45AM

Field Trips
Students must receive teacher approval from all of his/her teachers in order to attend the field trip.

Important reminders

  • Attendance reconciliation is done through GradeQuick. Teachers must submit daily attendance by 2:45 p.m. in order for the attendance secretary to have the teachers’ information that will allow teachers to reconcile easily.

  • Grade changes that occur within the first two weeks of the end of the quarter should be done in GradeQuick. In addition, be sure to also make the change in GradeQuick. If the grade change results in the grade going above or below a C - please notify Sherri Turner, as it may affect athletic eligibility. 

  • New Students – when a new student enrolls mid-quarter the guidance counselor will email the teachers the previous quarter grades.  Please be sure to add these previous grades to your GradeQuick to ensure a correct end of year average.

  • Homework Free Weekends - No homework is to be assigned at all, this includes “reading”, in addition, the days leading up to and following these “HW Free Weekends” should not be meant for overloading the student with additional homework.

  • Midyear exams - Days will be set aside in January for midyear exams for those departments who give them.

  • Attendance Consequences - Teachers will notify parents/guardians each time a student has an unexcused absence. For any unexcused absence the student will earn zeroes for work due or completed in class and be assigned administrative detention(s).  For the second unexcused absence the student will also lose 3 percentage points off of their quarter average. With the third unexcused absence, a student earns a failing grade for the marking period.  Students can only fail for a quarter due to cuts if the above procedures are followed in full.

  • Tardies - Once a student has reached 3 unexcused tardies in the class, the teacher should notify the parent/guardian.  For the 4th and subsequent tardies within one quarter the student will lose 1 percentage point off of his/her quarter grade. In addition, once the student reaches 3 unexcused tardies the teacher should fill out a BHS Unexcused Tardy Report form. Point deductions should be manually entered against a student’s grade in Grade-Quick.

  • Incompletes - when entering an Incomplete in GradeQuick, be sure to enter an “I” in any or all columns. If taking your class out of your classroom, you must put a note on the door as to the whereabouts of the class (ie. Writing lab, outside by pond,…) this ensures that the main office and students coming in late can locate the class should there be a need to.