Congrats, you are officially upperclassman. There are several things you should keep in mind over the course of your third year at Belmont High School.

Juniors to Do List:

Standardized testing

  • Do you plan on taking the SAT, ACT or both?

  • Which test dates will you register for?

    • SAT : March/May/June/August

    • ACT : April/June/July

Teacher recommendations

  • Which teachers will you approach in the spring to write a letter of recommendation?

Guidance Counselor

  • When will you meet with your guidance counselor to discuss college and/or future planning this winter/spring? Be sure to invite your parents/guardians!

  • Have you completed and submitted your student questionnaire?

  • Talk to your counselor about your senior year course selection. Challenge yourself, but don’t overload! Applying to college is like taking a seventh class.

  • Check out the guidance website.

College Characteristics

  • Size: Small (1,000-3,000) Medium (3,000-8,000) Large (8,000-20,0000) XL (20,000 +)

  • Geographic region(s): Where do you want to be?

  • Academic Programs: What major(s) are you considering?

  • Campus Life: What are you looking for outside of academics?

  • Cost: What is your price range?

  • Diversity: What kind of student body are you looking to live and learn with?

The Application, etc.

  • Create a resume of your activities and achievements.

  • Brainstorm potential essay topics. Write a draft of your essay(s) over the summer.

  • Complete the common application online over the summer.

  • Be productive over the summer: volunteer, get a job, take a class.

Where are you in the college search process?

I have no idea what I want to do…

Majors and Careers

Could someone make me a list?

College Matching