It’s official; junior year is over. We in the guidance office have put together a list of things you should be doing in the fall to make your senior year as smooth as possible.

On the College front:

  • Begin. Start with the BHS College Application Process guide for helpful instructions.

  • Documents. Access your Senior Folder to find necessary reference documents for college application.

  • Register. Register for Family Connection. Email school secretary if you misplaced your registration code.

  • Complete. Complete and submit the Student Questionnaire to your guidance counselor via email.

  • Research. Continue to research and refine your list of potential colleges. You should know between 6 and 8 colleges you would like to apply to when you return in the fall.

  • Visit. Get out and visit schools that catch your interest. Take a trip, a tour, and the time to see if a college is a good fit for you.

  • Draft. Write a draft of your personal essay/statement. The common application web site is a great place to start.

  • Create. Create a resume of your activities and achievements. Boost your resume by getting involved over the summer: volunteer, take a class, and follow your passions.

  • Register. Register for fall SAT, and ACT Increase your scores by taking the time to study this summer!

On the Belmont High School front:

  • Stay on top of your work.

  • Contact your teachers for extra help; meet with a peer tutor.

  • Complete your 40 required hours of community service. Service Opportunities are listed in the principal's newsletter each week. 

Where are you in the college search process?

I have no idea what I want to do…

Majors and Careers

Could someone make me a list?

College Matching

Two Excellent Ways To Apply To College

Common Application is an application that is accepted by many private colleges. Apply online.

Advantage: Students can complete one application, but can use it for multiple colleges. Therefore, filling out the Common Application should save students time, energy, and effort. Remember: if using the paper copy version, always be certain to keep the original and send photocopies to the colleges.

College's own Application
Each college should have their own application if they are not on the common application.

Advantage: Some schools, in particular state schools, accept only their own application.

Early Decision Or Early Action Applicants

If you are considering applying Early Decision or Early Action to a college and have not spoken to your counselor, you MUST see them as soon as possible in September or October.   

Grade Point Averages
All students are given an unweighted (all courses given same credit regardless of level) grade point average. However, their transcripts do list what level the course is so colleges can give additional weight to Honors or AP courses.