Getting TO and FROM School

The new BHS Campus is open, and we are excited that all of our students now have access to a state of the art learning environment. Below, please find guidance about getting to and from school. We will continue to review conditions for bikers, walkers, and drivers throughout the year, in consultation with the Belmont Police, to ensure safety.

The school site

Belmont High School is accessible by foot/bicycle using the 3 paved walkways spaced along Concord Ave, one across from Concord and Oak, one across Concord and Goden, and one across from Concord and Orchard. Students cycling to school should walk their bikes once on school grounds, as we expect the footpaths to be crowded in the morning and at dismissal.

Charlie Cards

Student Charlie cards are available in the front office.

Student Drop-off/Pickup

Vehicles are now allowed to drop off students before and after school. Please only drop students off outside of the front doors of the school (enter the driveway, take your first right, and then enter the loop that passes in front of the main school doors). When entering the site, remember to give pedestrians the right of way in the crosswalks, even if your light is green. Do not drop students off at other points on the school grounds, as this causes traffic to back up into the intersection. NEVER drop students off in the handicap parking spaces. On the school side of Concord Ave, approximately the first 5 car lengths starting at Orchard St are intended for dropoff/pickup. There is no parking in these spaces from 7 am to 9 am and from 2 pm to 3 pm when school is in session. On the opposite side of Concord Ave, the parking spaces between Goden St. and Orchard St. are intended for dropoff/pickup. There is no parking in these spaces from 7 am to 9 am and from 2 pm to 3 pm when school is in session. YOU MUST USE THE NEW STRIPING AS YOUR GUIDE TO WHERE YOU CAN STOP ON CONCORD AVE. STAY OUT OF THE BIKE LANE

Cycling to School

We support students cycling to school. When cycling, please keep in mind that Belmont’s streets and sidewalks are congested. Be safe, and keep others safe. You may ride bicycles on sidewalks (except where there are storefronts) but you must dismount your bike or slow down when encountering groups of pedestrians. Remember, walkers may not hear you coming up behind them. When using the dedicated bike lane along Concord Ave. be mindful that there are parked cars to your right, and an active travel lane on your left.

Walking to School

When walking to school please be mindful of traffic and cyclists. Always cross roads at designated crossing points.

Driving to school

We recommend that you only drive to school if you have no other option. There will be no student parking on site. There will be no lottery or parking permits issues this year. All students (seniors AND juniors) may park in any legal parking space on the SCHOOL side of Concord Ave, up to Underwood St. In addition, all students may park in the “jughandle” at the hockey rink, the Underwood Pool lot, and the pool drop-off area on Concord Ave (but avoid the bus stop). You must obey any posted restrictions in these areas (see below regarding dropoff/pickup). You may park on the opposite side of Concord Ave and on side streets but only if you obey posted signs. There is no student parking on the school site.

Suggested Walking/Cycling Routes to School

When traveling from the Winbrook area of Town via Brighton Street, cross the tracks and turn right on to Hittinger Street. At the end of Hittinger, use the pedestrian path around the pond and enter the school through the Orchard Street entrance. Please be aware that Hittinger and Underwood are active work sites with moving vehicles and machinery.

When traveling from the Wellington/Chenery neighborhoods, take School Street to Goden, Orchard, or Oak Street. Use the designated crossings to enter the school site. There is a new cross light at Concord and Goden, and a crossing guard at Concord and Orchard.

When traveling from the center under the rail bridge, stay on the high school side of Concord Ave to enter the school.

Directions to School

From 128 (I-95) and RT 2:

Take Route 128 to Route 2 East. From Route 2 take Exit 59 which is Route 60 (Pleasant St).

  • At lights take RT 60 West towards Belmont Center.

  • At the second set of lights, turn left on Leonard St.- this will take you through Belmont Center.

  • Head straight under the stone railroad bridge and turn left just after the bridge. This is Concord Ave, you'll see the high school five or six blocks on the left, behind the pond.

From Storrow Drive:

Travel Fresh Pond Parkway to Second Rotary

  • Go half way around Rotary go down Concord Ave.

  • RIGHT at lights after "Sancta Maria" Nursing Facility (Blanchard Rd. changes to Brighton St.)

  • Then turn left on Hittinger St. (before railroad tracks)

  • You'll see the High School on the right