Graduation Ceremony

Any student who has not met all of the requirements for graduation will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Students found to be involved in any major disciplinary violation or a violation of the Drug and Alcohol policy may forfeit their opportunity to participate in any or all of the activities planned during the calendar of events for seniors, including, but not limited to: Prom, Senior Awards, Senior Cruise/Trip, All-Night Party, and the Graduation Ceremony. Students are reminded that graduation week exercises are a privilege and not a right.

Graduation rehearsals are mandatory for all students intending to participate in the ceremony. During these rehearsals, the mechanics regarding student involvement within the ceremony will be reviewed, practiced, and refined. Students will receive their caps and gowns during the second rehearsal as well as their permanent and temporary school records. 

On graduation day, students will convene one hour prior to graduation for final preparations. It is not considered in good taste to wear any decorations on the gown, including flowers, except for awards presented by the school. What shows below the gown stands out clearly as each student proceeds to the platform to receive his/her diploma. Shorts, T-shirts, work boots, and/or sneakers are not appropriate. Students not appropriately dressed may not be allowed to participate.

With the complete cooperation of each student, the graduation exercises will be a positive, memorable experience for all.

Graduation Speakers 

Recipients of the school committee awards for outstanding achievement and exceptional distinction in scholarship are chosen on the basis of their demonstrated academic abilities, other personal achievements and their standing as “good school citizens” during their years at Belmont High School. Only students who have attended BHS for at least six semesters can be chosen for these distinctions. 

Graduation speakers must provide the principal with copies of their speeches one week prior to graduation. Copies of the speeches will be given to the local newspapers in a press release packet.

Early Graduation 

Early Graduation as an option is available to all students who are able to complete graduation requirements in a shorter time span than four years. This is an option which must be exercised judiciously with planning and careful counseling. There must be formal authorization from parents. Students are eligible for early graduation under the following conditions: 

  • An Early Graduation Letter of Intent has been completed, signed, and filed with the student’s guidance counselor by the end of the sophomore year. 

  • All requirements for a high school diploma that are listed in this document have been completed. 

Students who enroll in courses continuing beyond their date of early graduation will not be authorized to remain in such courses after graduation, nor will they receive credit for the portion of the course already completed. The record will show “withdraw-passing” or “withdraw-failing” as of the time of graduation. 

An early graduate may not participate in any extra-curricular activities, including athletics, after the date of early graduation. Early graduates will receive no special treatment in any area. When students choose to graduate early, they assume whatever inconveniences which might be inherent in their decision. Students who find themselves, for whatever reason, ineligible to graduate at the time planned for early graduation, must remain fully enrolled for at least one additional semester.