Social Studies

Purpose and Objectives

Learning a simple chain of chronological events does not help prepare students for the increasingly fast, diverse, and challenging world they will be entering upon graduation. To enable them to do so, students need to master basic skills: critical thought, researching, interpreting documents and data, effective communication, and reading & expository writing. In any given Social Studies class at Belmont High School you can see students engaged in discussions, encountering different viewpoints or experiences, and developing their own ideas from curriculum that is explored, not simply covered. Throughout all of their Social Studies coursework, students are consistently reminded how history is relevant to their lives. 

The Belmont High School Social Studies Department offers 14-18 courses in a given academic year that seek to encourage informed, responsible and active participants in democratic society. Through the study of World History, American History, and the social sciences, students become better prepared to live in an increasingly global and interconnected society.

Students are required to take World History in grade nine, a year of American History in grade ten, and Modern World History in grade eleven .

Required Courses:

  • World History / World Experience

  • American Studies / AP United States History

  • Modern World History / AP Modern World History

Students may also choose from a variety of elective offerings in the social sciences.


  • AP African American Studies

  • AP Economics

  • AP Psychology

  • Applied Business Economics

  • Global Leadership

  • Psychology

  • You & The Law

Integrated courses which combine more than one discipline so that students can apply skills and content knowledge from multiple disciplines to solve authentic problems also available to students.

Integrated Electives:

  • History of Hip Hop (social studies and music)

  • Social Justice by the Numbers (social studies and math)

Belmont High School Program of Studies.

Department Contact

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Email Deborah McDevitt, Director 

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Community Service Program (Grades 9-12)

All students who attend Belmont High School are required to complete 40 hours of community service over the course of their four years in order to graduate.