Congrats, you survived your first year of high school! There are several things you should keep in mind over the course of your second year at Belmont High School.

Sophomores to Do List:

  • Get to know your guidance counselor. Stop by to say hello

  • Check the guidance website and your class page periodically.

  • Set up Naviance account and get used to checking your school e-mail regularly to stay updated on school information and events.

  • Keep improving on your academics. Stay on top of your homework and see your teachers for extra help.

  • Get to know your teachers!

  • Set short and long term goals. Discuss your goals with your parents and/or your guidance counselor.

  • Get your summer reading completed - work on your note taking skills while you read. Summer Reading List

  • The PSAT will be offered in October at BHS. Sign up in the guidance office in October.

  • Attend the activities fair in September- get involved! Work on building your college resume now…

  • Complete your 40 hours of community service. Service opportunities are listed in the principal's weekly newsletter.