MIAA Regulations & Forms

The interscholastic athletic program is available to all students in grades nine - twelve. The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association sets up rules and regulations that govern this program and our teams participate in the very competitive Middlesex League. We offer a comprehensive program that consists of twenty-eight sports with fifty-seven levels of competition. Our teams are very competitive and during the past several years have won seventeen league, four divisional and two state championships.

In order for students to participate in Athletics they must complete following E~Forms:

  • Parent Permission form

  • MIAA Chemical Health form

  • Concussion Education form

  • Seasonal Concussion History form

  • Parents will use the same electronic process that is currently used for submitting Student Update Forms.

You will receive an email on a pre-scheduled date: 

  • around the second week in February for Spring Sports;

  • on or around the first week in June for Fall Sports and

  • on or around the second week in November for Winter Sports with a link to the forms.

You will receive a separate email for each of your children that attend BHS. The email is sent to one email address per household to avoid multiple submissions. Complete the E~Form and submit. As a bonus you will be able to see what forms you have submitted.

Note: There is NO E~FORM for the required pre-participation physical. A hard copy of the required pre-participation physical will still need to be submitted to the school nurse as has been done in the past

Head Concussion in high school sports

Students must also have a physical examination by a doctor within the last thirteen months, and meet the following academic eligibility requirements:

  • To be eligible to participate in athletics students must have earned: passing grades in at least four (4) courses or the equivalent in the term immediately preceding participation in the activity. Students must maintain an unrounded, quarterly, simple (non-weighted) GPA of 1.70. Eligibility for a succeeding quarter is determined on the day report cards for the previous term are issues to all students at a grade level. Report cards are generally issued within two weeks of the end of a term.

  • A student shall have been a member of some secondary school for a minimum of two months and have been issued a report card, exclusive of the summer vacation, next preceding the contest, unless entering from an elementary or junior high school during the same school year.

  • All students transferring from one school to another must meet all state requirements.

  • Regarding interscholastic athletics: any student deemed ineligible at the start of a season will remain ineligible for the duration of the season.

  • All students shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by their coaches and athletic department.

  • All students shall refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs.

  • All students shall be responsible for all equipment issued regardless of the circumstance of its loss or theft.

  • Students absent from school on the day of a game, scrimmage, or practice; or on the Friday preceding a Saturday game, will not be permitted to participate in the activity. Students must be present in school from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm to be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity offered by the school that day. This includes athletic events, social and academic activities and any other extracurricular activity. Only the administration can excuse an absence.

All forms and other information regarding participation in our athletic program can be obtained through the athletic office, online or by contacting Athletic Department, Student Activities and Physical Education, at (617) 993-1266.

We invite you to stop by the athletic office to speak with us and tour our facilities.