School Counseling

Chenery School counselors work with students in grades 5 - 6.  Counselors work to promote and enhance the academic, social-emotional, and career development of all students by working collaboratively with staff and other stakeholders to continue the development of academic, social-emotional, and pre-professional skills in all students.  Counselors oversee and/or conduct classroom guidance lessons relative to the identified needs of the school, run groups as needed, conduct individual counseling and provide crises intervention as needed.  Additionally, middle school counselors assist students in transition both from elementary school and then on to high school.

Why School Counseling?

School Counseling has as its focus the following tasks to:

  • Provide a systematic approach to develop the potential of all students

  • Provide proactive, preventative, developmentally-appropriate programs related to academic, personal/social-emotional, and career development for all students

  • Address the academic, social-emotional, and career developmental needs of all students

  • Facilitate a system approach to addressing issues for at-risk students

  • Assist with creating the optimal environment that all students may succeed both academically and socially in school and beyond

  • Facilitate a system of student supports for the students; involving teachers, principals, families, and communities

  • Provide a safe haven for all students

  • Ensure equity and access to programs that prepare students to work and live in a global community

Reasons to Contact Your Child's Counselor:

The list below is by no means comprehensive. Please know that you are always welcome to contact your child's counselor. Oftentimes counselors help connect parents with the appropriate school personnel and resources.

Academic Challenges

Personal or family issues that may impact student at school (divorce, death or loss, move, etc.)

Transition Issues


Extended student absence

Scheduling Issues

Change in student behavior/engagement

Student diagnosis (ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.)

Social difficulties (friendship issues, bullying, etc.)

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