School Curriculum

Curriculum is the central scaffold on which teachers build the plans for learning in each classroom. Curriculum gives consistency and structure to the educational process and it encourages creative and innovative teaching within its framework. As our body of academic knowledge changes, and as our knowledge of the learning behavior of children changes, so must curriculum change. The Belmont Public Schools provides for that ongoing review and possible change through its Seven-Year-Plan for Curriculum Development and Improvement. Parents and staff work together on curriculum steering committees, during the seven-year-cycle which includes a needs assessment, program evaluation, and development of a plan of action and any necessary piloting of materials or training of staff. This process assures that curriculum continues to be well matched to children and the society in which they will function.

For the most up-to-date information on K-4 curriculum in the Belmont schools, please visit BPS Benchmarks web page. 

The Belmont elementary school curriculum is based on the Massachusetts State Frameworks and the Belmont Benchmarks.  All students receive instruction in:

  • Language Arts 

  • Mathematics 

  • Science 

  • Social Studies 

  • Physical Education

The integration of learning across disciplines is a central feature of the elementary program.  Overviews of the individual discipline curricula, the Massachusetts State Frameworks, and the Belmont Benchmarks are available from the Butler school office and the Belmont Department of Education website.