About Our Library

The Winn Brook School Library is open during the school day and is staffed by a part-time professional library aide. Each class visits the library for half an hour once a week, at which time the kindergarteners and first graders have a story time with the library aide and check out books. Children in grades two, three and four accompany their teacher for book circulation and a story or activity.


Doreen Cameron - Professional Aide (Librarian)
Polina Gasparian - PTA Library Volunteer Coordinator

Circulation Policy

Teachers may sign out books and materials at any time and may keep them as long as they need them.

Students may sign out books during their weekly half hour library period and when special arrangements are made with a member of the library staff. The books must be returned or renewed during the next library period before another book is borrowed.

Lost Books

If a book is lost, the parent or guardian should notify Ms. Cameron to find out the replacement value, then give her cash or a check made out to Winn Brook PTA for that amount.

Parent/Guardian Volunteers

Parent volunteers help out with circulation during their child's library period and may also assist with shelving and special projects. Parent volunteers are vital to our library. Thank you for your support!

Please arrive at least five minutes early to get direction from the library aide or to login to the system should she not be there. The volunteers’ guide offers a helpful review of the procedures: Library Volunteers’ Guide TBA

Volunteers are responsible for the following:

  • Checking-in books being returned

  • Renewing books

  • Checking out books being borrowed

  • Running and printing overdue notices

  • Shelving all classroom books returned

Library Cataloging System

Follett Library Destiny database. Our cataloging system is available inside the school network only.