About Us

Winn Brook elementary school has a library/media center,  gymnasium, cafeteria, music and art rooms, outdoor play structure, playing area and field. Student computers are available in the library/media center.  Chromebooks (grades 3-4) and iPads (grades K-2) are utilized in classrooms.

In addition to the basic curriculum, learning is enriched on a regular basis through special events and activities. The PTA sponsors a variety of enrichment programs which have included:

  • authors,

  • hands-on science,

  • musicians,

  • historical educators,

  • dance companies,

  • puppeteers,  and

  • storytellers.

Winn Brook school also offers, through its PTA, after-school enrichment classes for a nominal fee; these classes are separate from and in addition to the childcare program. 

Core Values

Our staff works hard to maintain a school culture which is positive, inclusive, and supportive of each of our members. We have high expectations, insist on respectful behavior, and recognize the importance of building a community where members feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to contribute. Our students have a right to be in an environment which is safe, promotes learning, and enables them to achieve success. In order for the children to meet these expectations, it is important that they understand the rules and responsibilities that guide our community. It is also important for students to accept responsibility for their behavior and to understand the consequences so that they learn from their mistakes. 

Winn Brook Respect

Winn Brook Core Values Mural


We show respect by caring for people and materials.
We show respect by treating others the way we want to be treated.
We show respect by being kind, considerate, & honest.

Winn Brook Core Values Mural


People in a community care about each other.
People in a community help each other.
People in a community work as a team.

Winn Brook Core Values Mural

Winn Brook Core Values Mural

Winn Brook Core Values Mural

High Expectations

We work hard.
We do our best.
When something is hard, we don’t give up.