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The goal of a history and social science curriculum is to enable students to acquire the knowledge, skill and judgment necessary to continue to learn for themselves; to participate intelligently, justly, and responsibly in civic life; to deliberate about local, national and international issues; and to avail themselves of historical and cultural resources such as historic sites, museums, parks, libraries, and multimedia information sources wherever they may live or travel.

To achieve this goal, the Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks focus on a content-based curriculum revolving around the disciplines of History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government.

  • At the Kindergarten level, learning in history and social studies is built on children’s experiences. The picture books chosen for reading aloud, the stories told, and the songs they hear or learn are basic components of the curriculum.  Multidisciplinary units on the Farm and Medieval society introduce students to exciting stories of life in other times.
  • In first grade, children listen to folk tales and true stories from America and from around the world. As students study concepts in the disciplines of geography, civics, economics and history, they also learn about each other’s families and about the achievements of different people living in different times and places.
    A multidisciplinary unit on the Rainforest provides a supplement to the concepts and skills prescribed for grade 1.
  • In Grade 2 students explore people, achievements, customs, events, places and landmarks from here and now. The content basis for grade 2 includes the units of Belmont, Alaska and Kenya.
  • In grade 3, students study the history of Massachusetts beginning with the time of the arrival of the Pilgrims, including their interactions with the Wampanoags. The history of early Boston, including the Puritan settlement of Massachusetts Bay Colony and the growth of towns and cities in Massachusetts, along with important political and economic developments leading to the American Revolution, provides the structure for this course of study.
  • In grade 4, students study the geography and people of the United States today.  Students learn geography by addressing standards that embed five major concepts: location, place, human interaction with the environment, movement and regions.  In addition, they learn about the geography and people of contemporary Mexico and Canada.

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