School Committee Minutes of June 19, 2009

Posted: September 11, 2009, by Cathy Grant

JUNE 19, 2009

Present:      Ms. Ann Rittenburg, Chair
            Ms. Leslie Walker, Secretary
            Ms. Laurie Graham
            Ms. Becky Vose
Mr. Paul Roberts
Ms. Karen Parmett
            Dr. Patricia Aubin, Superintendent of Schools
            Mr. Denis Fitzpatrick, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
            Dr. Gerry Missal, Director of Finance and Administration
            Ms. Julie Silverman, Human Resource Manager
            Mr. Steve Mazzola, Director of Technology, was in attendance for a portion of the meeting.           


2.1      Call to Order     

      At 8:03 a.m., Ann Rittenburg called the meeting to order in the conference room of the School Administration Building.

      On a motion offered by Ms. Rittenburg and seconded by Ms. Walker, it was

VOTED: 6 -0 (on a roll call vote) to enter Executive Session for the purpose of discussing strategy with respect to collective bargaining and contract negotiations with both union and non-union personnel.  The Committee announced that it did not intend to return to Open Session


      Dr. Aubin updated School Committee members on several grievances.

      Steve Mazzola presented a proposal to adjust compensation in the IT Department based on added responsibilities resulting for the new service level agreement and a one time stipend for a summer project.  All costs associated with the proposed adjustments are revenue neutral due to the replacement of a long time employee at a lower base.

      On a motion offered by Ms. Vose and seconded by Ms. Parmett, it was

      VOTED:  5 – 0 (Ms. Walker had left the meeting) to accept Mr. Mazzola’s proposed adjustments to compensations in the IT Department.

      School Committee members were informed by Julie Silverman of the tentative agreement with the BEA regarding the PPO split.

      Ms. Rittenburg asked the sense of the committee to inform the BEA that the School Committee would not pursue an earlier request to reopen salary negotiations for FY10.  The committee agreed.

      School Committee members discussed additional strategy with respect to negotiations with non-union personnel.

      At 10:24 a.m., on a motion offered by Ms. Vose and seconded by Ms. Parmett, it was

      VOTED:   5 - 0 (Ms. Walker had left the meeting) to adjourn the meeting.

                        Respectfully submitted by _____________________________________
                                    Leslie Walker