School Committee Minutes of June 2, 2009

Posted: September 11, 2009, by Cathy Grant

JUNE 2, 2009

Present:      Ms. Ann Rittenburg, Chair
            Ms. Leslie Walker, Secretary
            Ms. Laurie Graham
            Ms. Becky Vose
Mr. Paul Roberts
            Dr. Patricia Aubin, Superintendent of Schools
            Mr. Denis Fitzpatrick, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
            Dr. Gerry Missal, Director of Finance and Administration
            Ms. Julie Silverman, Human Resource Manager

            (Karen Parmett, School Committee member, was absent.)

            Kathy Miller, member of the Policy Subcommittee, and Ms. William Pappazisis, Director of Fine and Performing Arts, and Dr. Michael Harvey, BHS principal, were in attendance.

                  COMMUNITY ROOM

                   AWARDS – CMS AUDITORIUM

1.      EXECUTIVE SESSION       - None     


2.1      Call to Order     
The meeting was called to order by Ms. Rittenburg at 7:05 p.m. in the Chenery Middle School Community Room.  Ms. Rittenburg and other members of the School Committee read proclamations honoring the retirees in attendance and presenting each with a gift.  Present were Joanne Coffey, Bob Gleason, Bruce MacDonald, Ellie Palais, and Christin Worcester. Toby Brown and Alison Goulder were absent.

At 7:30 p.m. the School Committee and Dr. Aubin moved to the auditorium of Chenery Middle School to participate in a ceremony honoring BHS seniors receiving Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.  At 8:00 p.m. the School Committee returned to the Chenery Middle School community Room for the remainder of its regular meeting.

      2.2      Superintendent's Report                         

            a.      Recognition of Retirees

                  Dr. Aubin recognized the individual contributions of Bob Gleason, Ellie Palais, Bruce
                  MacDonald, Chris Worcester, and Joanne Coffey to the Belmont Public Schools/                       
b.      Presentation of President’s Volunteer Service Awards
      to Belmont High School Seniors

c.      Dr. Aubin complimented Dr. Harvey on the well planned events for the graduating class of 2009.

d.      Mr. Fitzpatrick announced awards to the CMS Jazz ensemble and two CMS music students.  Mr. Fitzpatrick also announced that seniors Lincoln Hill and Anji Tang had been selected as Presidential Scholars by the US Department of Education.
      2.3      Chairman's Report

      Ms. Rittenburg reminded the School Committee that the high school graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 7, at 3:00 p.m. in the Wenner Field House at BHS.

      Ms. Rittenburg reminded the School Committee and the public of the June 8 Wellington Debt Exclusion vote.                             

      2.4      Citizens' Concerns

      Daniel Becker of Local 316 addressed the School Committee regarding its recent decision to award the cleaning contract to a non-union company.  Accompanying Mr. Becker and also speaking to the committee was a worker from the company which previously held the contract.                       


      4.1      2008-2009 EIP Results – Exhibit A

      Mr. Fitzpatrick reviewed the major goals and highlighted important action steps in the 2008-2009 Education Improvement Plan.                                                                             
      4.2      Relocation Update      

      Dr. Missal reported on his meeting with the Belmont Conservation Commission.                 

4.3      First Reading of Two Sections of School Committee Policy – Exhibits B-1 and B-2

Julie Silverman and Kathy Miller, member of the Policy Subcommittee, presented an overview of
newly revised sections to the School Committee policy manual on Business and Finance and Non-Instructional Services.  As a second reading is required, these policies will be on the June 23 School Committee agenda.
      4.4      Continued Discussion of the Budget (Fees)

      After a brief discussion about events at the June 1 Town Meeting, School Committee members chose to focus tonight’s discussion on the issues of fees and asked Dr. Aubin to bring an administrative recommendation to the June 23 School Committee meeting regarding the additional funds voted for the schools at the June 1 Town Meeting.     

      Dr. Aubin reminded the School Committee of its recent decision to increase the bus user fee.  Dr. Aubin also suggested tabling the discussion of rental fees for the after care programs until further investigation and discussions with the directors of the programs. 

      Dr. Missal reviewed the revised Kindergarten user fee which is now $1800.

      Mr. Fitzpatrick presented the administration’s proposal for a single annual BHS fine and performing arts user fee of $275.

      On a motion proposed by Ms. Walker, and seconded by Ms. Vose, it was

      VOTED 5 – 0 (1 absentee) to approve the administration’s recommendation of a single annual BHS fine and performing arts user fee of $275.

      Dr. Aubin spoke briefly about projected activity fees at Chenery Middle School and Belmont High School.  No action was taken pending a more formal recommendation.  Ms. Alexander, CMS principal, will attend the next School Committee meeting.

      Dr. Aubin reviewed the administration’s proposal for BHS athletic fees.  Ms. Walker asked for the Parent Task Force to outline its findings and proposals.

      On a motion proposed by Ms. Rittenburg, and seconded by Ms. Vose, it was

      VOTED 5 – 0  (1 absentee) to institute a BHS athletic fee schedule of $450 for a first sport, $300 for a second sport, and $150 for a third sport.  Dr. Missal was instructed to review this schedule with Mr. Davis to verify that these fees would cover anticipated costs, requests for waivers, and any drop in participation.

      Dr. Aubin outlined the recommended elementary instrumental music proposal.

      On a motion proposed by Ms. Rittenburg, and seconded by Ms. Walker, it was

      VOTED 5 – 0 (1 absentee) to institute an elementary instrumental music fee of $250 per year for students in grades 3, 4, and 5 who choose to participate in this program.
5.      REPORT OF SUBCOMMITTEES/LIAISONS - None                       

      6.1      Consent Agenda                             

            a.      Award of Contract for Design Services for Wellington Modulars – Exhibit C
      On a motion offered by Ms. Vose and seconded by Ms. Graham, it was

      VOTED: 5 – 0  (1 absentee) to accept the consent agenda.
      6.2      Personnel Items – Informational

            a.      Leave of Absence – Exhibit D
            b.      Instructional Assignments (Spec. Ed. Summer Programs 2009 – Exhibit E                                               
      6.3      Business Items - None

      6.4      Approval of Minutes                                                           
            a.      May 5, 2009 (previously distributed)
            b.      May 12, 2009 (previously distributed)                                               
      On a motion offered by Ms. Vose and seconded by Mr. Roberts, it was

      VOTED: 5 – 0  (1 absentee) to approve the minutes as previously distributed.

7.      FUTURE BUSINESS     
                        June 23, 2009 – 7:30 p.m.
                        CMS Community Room                                                      Regular School Committee Meeting           

      8.1      FY10 Full-day Kindergarten User Fee                                                                                         

      At 11:00 p.m., on a motion offered by Ms. Graham and seconded by Ms. Walker, it was

      VOTED:   5 – 0 (1 absentee) to adjourn the meeting.

                        Respectfully submitted by _____________________________________
                                    Leslie Walker