School Committee Minutes of November 6, 2007

Posted: January 16, 2008, by Cathy Grant

NOVEMBER 6, 2007

Present:  Mr. John Bowe, Chair
    Dr. Diane Stafford, Secretary
    Ms. Leslie Walker
    Mr. Scott Stratford
    Ms. Ann Rittenburg
    Ms. Elizabeth Gibson
    Dr. Peter Holland, Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Patricia Aubin, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
    Dr. Gerald Missal, Director of Finance and Administration          
  2.1   Call to Order
  At 7:17 p.m. Mr. Bowe called the School Committee to order in the Community Room of the Chenery Middle School.  Mr. Bowe welcomed the recipients of the School Committee Volunteer Awards and their families.  After a brief narrative acknowledging the contributions of each volunteer to the Belmont Public School, the Superintendent and School Committee Chair congratulated the volunteers and presented them with a small token of the School Committee’s and school system’s gratitude.  The following volunteers were honored for their service to the Belmont Public Schools:
  Margaret O. Eysenbach, Heidi M. Haska, Anne B. Mahon, Kathleen P. Miller, Lynne C. Polcari, John B. Wong, Deirdre M. Savarese, and Heidi R. Sawyer
  Following the reception and acknowledgment of volunteers, members of the Belmont High School Student Council spoke with the Committee.  After introducing themselves, each student outlined the Student Council’s goals for the 2007-2008 school year.   
  2.2  Superintendent’s Report
  Dr. Holland invited Mr. Brett Dean, President of the Watertown Savings Bank, to come to the School Committee table.  Dr. Holland thanked Mr. Dean for the financial support  needed to issue an updated version of the Belmont Public School brochure, “About Our Schools”.  Mr. Stratford commended Mr. Dean for his community service.  Mr. Dean noted that he was pleased to provide this service to the Belmont Public Schools and looked forward to working with the schools again in the future.
  Dr. Holland continued his report by announcing the Girls’ Soccer team’s participation in tournament play, the schedule for the upcoming Veteran’s Day exercises, the visit of students from Argentina, and the Gospel Fest to be held on November 30, 2007.
  Dr. Aubin provided a brief update on the work of three committees working on topics of interest in the school system.
  2.3  Chairman’s Report
  Mr. Bowe announced the dates for two Foundation for Belmont Education events:  The FBE spelling bee on February 9, 2008 and the annually FBE dinner on April 5, 2008.
  2.4  Citizens’ Concerns
  Amanda Green complimented the Chenery Middle School and Belmont Public Library staff for the programs they are providing for the students of Belmont.
  Julie Barton raised the issue of space for the December School Committee meeting if the topic of full day kindergarten was to be addressed.
  4.1  Update on Belmont Media Center
  Mr. Myron Kasseraba was present to provide information on the initiatives of the Belmont Media Center.  Of special note was information on a course in media production at Belmont High School, sponsored by the Belmont Media Center. 
  4.2  Testing Report – Exhibit A
  Dr. Aubin provided highlights of testing results from standardized testing during the 2007-2008 school year. 
  4.3  Building Envelope Condition Survey Report – Exhibit B
  Dr. Missal provided information to the Committee on the Building Envelope survey. 
  4.4  Overview of FY 2009 Budget Process – Exhibit C
  Dr. Missal outlined the budget process for the Committee noting key dates when information would be presented for administrative and School Committee review. 
  (Advisory Council/Future Needs of BHS; Capital Budget Committee; Communications & Community Relations; Community Education; Crofts Revision Subcommittee; Council on Aging; EDCO Board; ESCO Energy Study; Foundation for Belmont Education; Health Advisory Committee; ITAC; Task Force/Supt. Advisory Council; Warrant Committee; Wellington Building Committee; Vision 21; and Youth Commission)
  6.1  Consent Agenda
    a.  Executive Secretary to Supt. of Schools Job Description – Exhibit D
  On a motion offered by Dr. Stafford and seconded by Ms. Rittenburg, it was
  VOTED:  unanimously to approve the consent agenda
  6.2  Personnel Items – Informational
  The following items were presented for the School Committee’s information:
    a.  Instructional Assignments – Exhibit E
    b.  Non-Instructional Assignments – Exhibit F
    c.  Non-Instructional Change of Assignments – Exhibit G
    d.  Resignations – Exhibit H
    e.  Appointment to Extracompensatory Positions – Exhibit I 
  6.3  Business Items - None
  6.4  Approval of Minutes
    a.  August 9, 2007
    b.  September 11, 2007
  On a motion offered by Ms. Gibson and seconded by Dr. Stafford, it was
  VOTED:  unanimously to approve the minutes of August 9, 2007 and September 11, 2007.
  1.1  Collective Bargaining Issues
  At 9:14 p.m., on a motion offered by Dr. Stafford and seconded by Ms. Walker, it was
  VOTED:  unanimously to enter executive session for the purpose of discussing collective bargaining.
  On a motion offered by Dr. Stafford and seconded by Mr. Bowe, it was
  VOTED:  unanimously, at 10:00 p.m. to adjourn the meeting.

 Respectfully submitted by Dr. Diane Stafford, Secretary