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available time slots
Teachers Department Room number
Blue Team 5th Grade 225
Green Team 5th Grade 222
Indigo Team 5th Grade 227
Orange Team 5th Grade 219
Red Team 5th Grade 217
Violet Team 5th Grade 229
Yellow Team 5th Grade 221
Team Earth 6th Grade 235
Team Fire 6th Grade 209
Team Wind 6th Grade 207
Team 7-1 7th Grade 301
Team 7-2 7th Grade 309
Team 7-3 7th Grade 311
Team 8-1 8th Grade 331
Team 8-2 8th Grade 327
Team 8-3 8th Grade 320
Ahern Foreign Language 108
Anderson Foreign Language M2
Manca Foreign Language M1
Pruitt Foreign Language 106
Sanchez Foreign Language M3
Tanner Foreign Language 109
Zhang Foreign Language M6
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