11 April 2022

SAVE THE DATE: June 14th - Winn Brook End of Year Concerts

Dear Winn Brook Families

It has been two and a half years since we have gathered in the Winn Brook Gym for a student music performance. I would like to say a sincere thank you to this school community for your support for the music program during this time. Whether it was the hours you spent listening to your children play recorders and rhythm sticks at your kitchen table while watching recorded lessons, sharing family folk songs with one another, or encouraging your children to continue to practice their instruments or sing songs -- you’ve helped keep music alive in our community, even when we were apart. I would also like to thank the Winn Brook PTA for their incredibly generous donation to the Winn Brook music classroom this year. With funding from the PTA, we were able to purchase a set of FlipForms (picture attached) for students to use during class. I’m confident this addition to the classroom will be used for years and will be appreciated by hundreds of kids! Thank you!

I’m thrilled to invite you to SAVE THE DATE for our End of Year Concerts, which will be held in the Winn Brook Gym on Tuesday, June 14th. We will send an email in June with logistical information about that morning, but would love for you to save the date, if possible! Please see below for the times. We will also send home a SAVE THE DATE flyer in the next week.

  • K-2 CONCERT: Tuesday, June 14th, from 9:10-9:40AM
  • GRADES 3 & 4 CONCERT: Tuesday, June 14th, from 10:00-10:30AM

Thank you for your support!

All my best,

Kassie Bettinelli
Music Teacher