Registration for Spring Extracurriculars opens TONIGHT at 9pm
11 April 2022

Registration for Spring Extracurriculars opens TONIGHT at 9pm

Registration for the Spring session of Extracurriculars opens TONIGHT, Monday 4/11 at 9pm.  The online course preview is available at  Classes will fill quickly so prompt registration is encouraged!


  • April 11:            Registration opens 9pm Monday 4/11 and closes 9pm Thursday 4/14
  • April 25:            Classes begin
  • June 10:           Classes end
  • June 13-17:      Make-ups if needed

If you are new to Winn Brook or Extracurriculars, please review the helpful FAQs below and visit  For additional questions, please contact

The Winn Brook PTA Extracurricular Committee


What are Winn Brook PTA Extracurriculars? 

Beyond the school day, this program provides an opportunity for Winn Brook students of all grades and interests to enjoy low-key, non-graded classes across a wide range of topics including sports, nature, art, computing, movement, theater, science and more. We are fortunate to have the talents of Winn Brook teachers and parents as instructors, as well as specialists from professional organizations and independent artists.

When are Extracurriculars offered?

The PTA Extracurricular Committee typically coordinates three sessions per year (fall, winter, spring) with each session lasting 7-8 weeks.  During each session, some classes are held in the morning, usually 7:45-8:45am. The majority take place right after school, so 3-4pm most days and earlier on Wednesdays given the fluctuating schedule.

How do I sign up?

All registrations take place online at  It is a first-come, first-served system, and some classes fill up within minutes of registration opening, so you are encouraged to sign up early!  Each family must create their own account on RecDesk to get started, and payments are only accepted via credit card.

What are the costs?

Classes typically range from $95-$125, depending on the content and provider.  All proceeds from these classes support the Winn Brook PTA.

How does my child get to class?  And how are they dismissed?

For morning classes, students enter through the school’s main doors on Waterhouse Rd and can walk themselves to the class location.  For younger students, office staff will help ensure students get to their class location. Students are then dismissed in time to begin the school day with their classmates.

For afternoon classes, students in Grades 1-4 walk themselves to the class location, while K students are escorted by school staff.  At the end of class, students in the WBExL program are brought to that location by their Extracurricular instructor.  Students being picked up as well as those allowed to walk home (with permission) are brought to and then dismissed via the Cross St. doors.  There are two Extracurricular monitors (school staff) who manage this process and are present throughout the afternoon classes.

Can my child attend WBExL AND Extracurriculars?

Yes, and many do!  Please note however that these are two separate programs and there is no cost-sharing.  Students enrolled in WBExL pay the same fees as other students for Extracurriculars, and do not receive a discount from the WBExL program.