Parent-Teacher Conferences, Spring 2023 Session
07 March 2023

Parent-Teacher Conferences, Spring 2023 Session

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Winn Brook School is registering for the SPRING session of Parent/Teacher Conferences.

  • Registration for all conferences opened online on Monday, February 20th and closes on Friday, March 10th.
  • Conferences begin on Wednesday, March 15th.
  • All Conferences will be VIRTUAL

How do parents register for a conference?

To register for a conference, please go to: Parent-Teacher Conferences and select your school. If you registered last fall then use your registered account and Sign In, the Sign In section is on the left. If you have not registered last fall then on the registration form, enter your name, e-mail address, password, phone number, and student name and then click on “Register”. The conferences this year will be virtual.

At the next screen, select the name of your child’s teacher. Once you have selected a teacher, you will be asked to select an available conference time. After selecting a conference time, you will then be able to confirm your selection and print or e-mail your schedule. The conferences this year will be virtual.

If you're scheduling conferences for twins, please register twice using a different email account for each. Please note: we do not retain parents information from the last year or populate the registration system with the student data information.

If I have difficulty registering, who do I contact?

Please contact the Conference Coordinator at Parent-Teacher Conferences Contact Us

Please include your name, your child’s full name, the school they attend, and teacher.

What happens if I cannot make any of the listed conference times?

Conferences can always be scheduled offline. Please contact your child’s teacher directly.

How do I change my conference times?

To change your conference time during the registration session, go to: Parent-Teacher Conferences and log back into the system using your e-mail address and password. You can then delete the old conference time and add a new one. Do not contact your child’s teacher, unless you cannot make any of the available times.

You can also make changes by sending your question to the Conference Coordinator at Parent-Teacher Conferences Contact Us Please include your name, your child’s full name, the school they attend, and teacher.

When the registration session is closed, please contact your teacher to make any schedule changes.

How to connect to the virtual meeting

Virtual meetings are held using the Google Meet platform. Meetings can be joined using a web browser from any computer. You can also connect using a tablet or mobile device (depending on your device, you may be required to download the free Google Meet app when using a mobile device).

In the email with your schedule you will have a different link for each of your student's teachers. Follow the steps below to connect.

  • If you have not done it yet, please register your existing email with Google or create a new Google account. You will not be able to access your teacher’s virtual meeting room without a Google account. 
  • NOTE: Use the same email address for virtual meetings you used to register for conferences.
  • During the designated time listed for each conference, click on the link listed in the teachers Room information.
  • Optional: You can choose to mute your microphone or disable your camera at this time prior to joining the meeting. Once you join you can turn your microphone on and camera if you so desire. See picture below
  • Click on "Ask to join" and you will be added to the queue to join the meeting. Wait for the teacher to admit you, DO NOT disconnect at this point. See picture below.
  • Once the teacher lets you in to the meeting you will be connected with the teacher in that meeting.

Ask to Join

Turn on audio