29 October 2021

Costumes, Magic and Concert!

There was magic in the air today at Winn Brook.

Our youngest students practically floated into school, so excited about Halloween that their feet barely touched the floor! Our older students sported hints of Halloween and the same air of excitement. Our staff was all decked out, both clever and cute!

And then the visitors came. High school students, in costume themselves, with their string instruments, came to perform a fun Halloween concert for our grade 3 and 4 students.

"What is so magical about a concert?" you might ask. Well, this concert was our first concert in a long, long time. As the music filled the cafeteria, tears streamed down the faces of the adults - it was so beautiful and so special, like a much-anticipated dinner after fasting during Ramadan.

When our visitors' bows touched their instruments, the busy bodies of the audience froze, as if Orpheus himself were there. They were rapt in their attention. They snapped along to the Addams Family and imagined dancing ghosts during the Phantom Waltz.

Vivaldi played by Hogh School studentsHere is a short video clip from Vivaldi's Autumn from The Four Seasons: https://youtu.be/sLiK5LHPOC0

See a few pictures on our school website here.

Thank you to Margot Reavey and the High School Strings for bringing magic to Winn Brook, and a big thank you to our custodial staff who set up the cafeteria for us and then put it all back together in plenty of time for our first lunch!

Please have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe! We will see you in November!