Pools and Puddles and More!
25 October 2021

Pools and Puddles and More!

Happy, rainy afternoon,

Early Release - Wednesday

This Wednesday and again next Wednesday we will be dismissing at 11:50 in order for our teachers to hold parent teacher conferences.

Flip Flop Schedule

On early release Wednesdays we follow a flip flop schedule. This week it means that Wednesday is Friday and Friday is Wednesday. This will apply to your child's specials. Strings' lessons will be on Wednesday this week as well.

Pool Testing

We will be pool testing again tomorrow (Tuesday) at Winn Brook. At least for now, it looks like we will be testing every Tuesday. This ran smoothly last week and I am expecting the same again tomorrow. Please remember that no news is good news. Families will only be notified in the event of a positive test result.

Spirit Week

Pajama day was so fun today. I think the teachers were more excited than the kids (I know the principal was for sure!) This rainy Monday was a perfect day for PJ Day! Tomorrow we are to dress in our favorite color - We will be a bit monochromatic! This may challenge my wardrobe a bit!

And for Kindergarten Families only...

I will be repeating the workshop "Helping Your Child Succeed in Kindergarten" on Monday, November 1st @ 7:00 pm. Please click on the Workshop for the link to attend the workshop.

We will eat inside tomorrow

Tomorrow's forecast is not only torrential rain, but also fierce winds, so we will be eating inside tomorrow. The students who usually eat in the tent will spread out into the 4 classrooms and eat there.


There is something intrinsically wonderful about puddles. When my girls were young, after a rainstorm, we would put on our old clothes and rain boots and go on walks looking for puddles to stomp in. Once, while stomping in a lovely, very deep puddle, my daughter stopped and locked eyes with me. For a moment it seemed like time held its breath, then she sat down right in the puddle. I guess the puddle was too perfect for just her feet! 🙂 After our puddle stomping walks, we'd come home, have a hot bath, pop popcorn and read together or watch an old favorite movie. Those were wonderful times.

As we brace for some rainy weather ahead, I hope you have a chance to stomp in some puddles!

Thank you for your partnership!


Anita Mecklenburg (she/her)
Principal, Winn Brook School
Belmont Public Schools