Student Run Nonprofit Reading Program
21 June 2021

Student Run Nonprofit Reading Program

Born without Bias

Born Without Bias is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Fostering a Future of Acceptance by introducing young children and elementary school students to anti-bias literature. Through reading books that celebrate human differences, Born Without Bias creates a community that learns to accept equality and appreciate diversity.

Mia Giatrelis is a rising senior at Belmont High School who is passionate about social justice and an advocate for equality. Mia loves working with children and hopes to inspire them to follow their dreams.

Reading and Representation

What we read has an impact on how we view ourselves and others. Reading empowers us to open our minds, imagine possibilities, and dream. So what is representation and why does it matter? Representation is the idea that people like to see and hear stories about people who look, sound and live just like them. When children are able to identify with the characters in books, they’re more likely to understand the story, feel included in society, and develop a positive self-image. Representation includes all readers and motivates children to read and realize their dreams.

Mia Giatrelis

Zoom with Mia

Each week, via Zoom, Mia will read a different anti-bias book to children who are preregistered on the Born Without Bias website. Mia will discuss the book with the children and ask for their thoughts, ideas and feedback. The focus will include the book’s theme and important lessons to take away, such as:

  • Respecting and appreciating everyone’s identity
  • Celebrating diversity by learning about different people
  • Living in a just society with equal opportunities
  • Impacting change by using our voices

Online Access

The Born Without Bias website includes a page with YouTube links to videos of Mia reading books and a page for families to purchase any of the books Mia has read. 

Giving Back

For every book purchased, Born Without Bias will donate a book to preschools, elementary schools, and libraries in diverse communities across the nation.


Phone: 857-437-1227
Socials: @BornWithoutBias