Covid Tests, Winter Concert, Art Newsletter, Lunch money and more!
22 November 2022

Covid Tests, Winter Concert, Art Newsletter, Lunch money and more!

Good Afternoon,

Please read the important updates below.

From our Nurses: At-home COVID Test Kit Distribution

We will be distributing COVID take-home tests tomorrow, November 22nd. Please be sure to check your child's backpack!

These tests will provide families the opportunity to test students prior to the return of school on Monday, November 28.

Here are some of the recommended uses for the COVID at-home test kits: 

  • Recommended use for return from Thanksgiving break

    • Test on Sunday, November 27, or Monday morning, November 28 prior to returning to school 

    • Test again during the week of November 27.

  • Other recommendations for at-home antigen tests are when an individual is:

    • Experiencing symptoms (test before returning to school)

    • Deemed to be a close contact (test on day 5 or later)

Please remember to report all positive cases HERE.

WB Winter Concert Date

The WB winter concert is back and you are invited! Please mark your calendar for Wednesday Dec. 21st. Grades 3 & 4 will be performing in the gym at 9:00. The Grade K - 2 concert will be @ 9:50. The concerts will be held in the Winn Brook gymnasium. Mark your calendars!

From our Art Teacher, Amanda Lamoretti:

Hello Winn Brook Families,

I am excited about this school year and the opportunities to make magnificent art with students. This year I have been slowly integrating the idea of students assuming creative control of their artwork and the art-making process by incorporating choice-based instruction in their artwork. As a reminder students may get messy during art class, I will always have them wear a protective layer when that happens, but accidents may still occur. Please dress accordingly on assigned art days. Please check out the Winn Brook art Instagram for a look inside our art studio! You can find it under Winn Brook Art Studio or through the QR code in the attached newsletter.

Lunch Money

As you know, lunches are free for all students. For students who bring lunch from home, there is a charge for drinks. If you are sending in cash, please send it in an envelope with your child's name and teacher name. In grades 1 -4, the children have recess before lunch. This makes it more challenging for loose change to make it from home all the way to the cafeteria. A better option might be to pre-pay into your child's account. Then a debit will be taken if they get a drink. For more information about creating an account for your child, click here.


The commercials right now on TV, would like you to believe your children will be devastated without their products, whatever they may be. There is no secret to happiness, but research tells us that one thing happy people do is to practice gratitude. Perhaps, in this upcoming season of giving thanks, you will find opportunities for being grateful in your family routines. At Winn Brook, we are certainly grateful for you!

Wednesday Dismissal

And finally, we will be dismissing on Wednesday @ 11:40

Enjoy this long weekend!



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