Important: Last day of school, next year's start time and more!
20 June 2022

Important: Last day of school, next year's start time and more!

Last Day of School


Our last day of school is Wednesday, June 22. We will dismiss at 11:50. Please note the time.

4th Grade Clap Out

Last year we started a new tradition for our 4th graders. Our students and teachers surrounded the school and our 4th graders had one last walk through and around Winn Brook School as 4th graders. Like last year, they will come out the front door of the school bear to the left and circle the school as the other classes cheer them on. Last year they were having so much fun they went around twice!! Because this was outside, we were able to invite families to join in the clapping and cheering! We'd like to invite you again this year.

The clap out will begin at 11:20. Students will be dismissed from their normal locations at 11:50. You are very welcome to join us. Please see the attached map so you know where families are standing.

Final Staff Gathering

On Wednesday afternoon we will be gathering as an entire staff. We will have lunch and celebrate our accomplishments and say goodbye to some folks who are moving on. In order for everyone to be in attendance, we are closing the office from 1:00 - 3:00. If your child forgot a water bottle or left a yearbook in their desk, I will be available to help you after 3:00, or on Thursday or Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

Next Fall

New Hours for Winn Brook

In the fall Winn Brook will be changing our start time by 10 minutes. We will open doors between 8:30 - 8:35 and students will be tardy beginning at 8:40. This change helps some families who are trying to get to work by 9:00 and helps our teachers participate more easily in district PD and events.

M, T, Th, F  8:40 - 2:50

W 8:40 - 1:40 or 11:40 on half days

I will send out a reminder about this change again in August.


Students should receive their classroom assignments in early August.


Summer is a time to re-connect, read books and play outside. We wish you a glorious summer. We will be recharging our batteries as well so that we are ready for an exciting year ahead!


Anita Mecklenburg