Winn Brook School Student and Parent Handbooks

Dear Winn Brook Parents/Guardians,

Our staff works hard to maintain a school culture which is positive, inclusive, and supportive of each of our members. We have high expectations, insist on respectful behavior, and recognize the importance of building a community where members feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to contribute. Our students have a right to be in an environment which is safe, promotes learning, and enables them to achieve success. In order for the children to meet these expectations, it is important that they understand the rules and responsibilities that guide our community. It is also important for students to accept responsibility for their behavior and to understand the consequences so that they learn from their mistakes.

Please read and discuss the Student Behavior handbook with your child. This process will help him/her to recognize the home/school connection and the importance of carrying over from home those positive attitudes and behaviors that you have taught. Children benefit when staff and parents work together to build a safe and positive climate at school.

Please sign the contract which confirms that you have reviewed the behavior guidelines with your child. He/she should also sign the contract and then return it to his/her teacher. Additional information, related to behavior, is included in our Winn Brook School Parent Handbook.


Cindy Marchand