Welcome to the Winn Brook School!


In this historical building we offer a 21st century education. Our diverse student body enters kindergarten and “graduates” after 4th grade. Our curriculum is driven by the Massachusetts frameworks, as our scores will attest, but beyond that you students will learn the joy and the rigor of learning. In partnership with their peers and facilitated by our highly skilled teachers and staff, our students engage in learning opportunities that push their thinking, and grow them as students and as citizens. Our Core values of Respect, Community and High Expectations guide us every day.


Cindy Marchand, Principal of the Winn Brook School

Our Core of Values

Our staff works hard to maintain a school culture which is positive, inclusive, and supportive of each of our members.


  • We show respect by caring for people and materials.
  • We show respect by treating others the way we want to be treated.
  • We show respect by being kind, considerate, & honest.


  • People in a community care about each other.
  • People in a community help each other.
  • People in a community work as a team.


  • We work hard.
  • We do our best.
  • When something is hard, we don’t give up.