PTA Extracurriculars Return to Winn Brook!

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Dear Winn Brook Families,

We are delighted to announce that the popular PTA Extracurriculars program will be returning with a mini session this fall!  In order to reintroduce the program while remaining mindful of safety and other Covid-related considerations, this 7 week session will have more limited class offerings than usual.  So if you would like your student to participate, sign up early!

For families who are not familiar with PTA Extracurriculars, this program provides an opportunity for Winn Brook students of all grades and interests to enjoy low-key, non-graded classes either before or after the school day. In the past, programs have covered a wide range of topics including sports, nature, art, computing, movement, theater, science and more. We are fortunate to have the talents of Winn Brook community members as instructors, as well as specialists from professional organizations and independent artists.

Important Dates - Fall 2021 Session PTA Extracurriculars

Thu 10/14 - Class previews available at winnbrook.recdesk.com

Mon 10/18 - Registration opens at 9:00pm

Thu 10/21 - Registration closes at 9:00pm

Mon 10/25 - Fall session classes begin

Thu 12/16 - Fall session classes end

No classes any day the week of Thanksgiving break

Make-up classes, if needed, the week of 12/20

Remember: Visit winnbrook.recdesk.com to preview courses starting 10/14, and register online starting 10/18 at 9:00pm.

Please note:

  • Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and some fill quickly in the opening minutes of registration.  Payment will be accepted by credit card only.  A waitlist option is available once a class is full.  You will be contacted if a space opens.
  • Each household must have a RecDesk account in order to register for a class.  If you have not already done so, visit winnbrook.recdesk.com to set up your account prior to the start of registration in order to familiarize yourself with the setup and be ready to enroll.  Instructions for new accounts listed below.  Existing users should sign in with their username and password.  Please prepare this info ahead of time to ensure a smooth registration process. 
  • If you are new to Winn Brook:  To learn more about PTA Extracurriculars, view the schedule of classes, and set up your RecDesk account, please visit here or see the instructions below.

We look forward to re-launching PTA Extracurriculars and thank you for your continued support of this valuable program at Winn Brook!   If you have any questions, please contact us at winnbrookptaextra@gmail.com.


The PTA Extracurricular Committee

Instructions to create a NEW RecDesk account:

  1. Go to winnbrook.recdesk.com, then click on the gold box "Create Account.”
  2. One parent should enter his/her own information on the first “Create Account” form, check the “Head of Household” box and complete only the required info marked by red asterisks.  This person will receive all emails and notifications for the household.  NO STUDENT INFO should be listed here.  Complete the form by selecting a username and password, and click “Submit.” This creates a household account.
  3. Click “Add Household Member,” complete the form with your child’s information, click “Submit.” 
  4. For additional children, click “Add Household Member” and complete the form.
  5. Your account is now complete and you can click on “Programs” tab to preview classes.