Welcome Back Breakfasts!

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Welcome Back to Winn Brook!!

We are so thrilled to be back for a new school year, and even more excited that everyone gets to be in the building this year!   As has been a tradition for many years (with one COVID interruption), the PTA will be hosting its annual Welcome Back Breakfasts.  These breakfasts will be on the two Kindergarten phase-in days, which are Friday, September 10 and Monday, September 13 this year.  Once you drop your child at their entrance door, please join us in the tent behind school for coffee, pastries and a chance to meet your PTA as well as connect with old and new friends alike!  We will be there from 8:45 on and look forward to seeing all your happy/sad/nervous/anxious/thrilled faces.  

See you soon,

The Winn Brook PTA