Wellington’s School Day Times

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 8:40 AM - 2:50 PM
  • Regular Wednesdays: 8:40 AM - 1:40 PM 
  • Early Release Wednesdays: 8:40 AM -11:40 AM 
  • Before School Care Program (Student Care): 7:15 AM - 8:40 AM
  • After School Care Program ( Student Care): 2:50 PM - 6:00 PM

(Please note that K begins dismissal a few minutes earlier in order to minimize our youngest students feeling overwhelmed by the crowds.)


Before-school supervision on the playground begins at 8:25 AM. In the interest of your child’s safety students should not arrive before this time if family members cannot supervise them. Students enter the building at 8:35 AM and school begins promptly at 8:40 AM. Parents/Guardians must come to the main office and sign-in students who arrive late to school (after 8:40 AM), rather than dropping them off out front and letting them enter alone. Please note that children begin their instruction at 8:40 AM every morning, which means that if they are entering school at 8:40 AM they are missing instruction.


Full day kindergarten students and all students in grades 1 through 4 are dismissed at 1:40/2:50 PM. Parents wishing to have their child dismissed from school early must send a written request to the child’s classroom teacher. To minimize classroom interruption, they must report to the school office to pick up their child. Parents should sign the Dismissal Log in the school office, indicating the time they picked up their child. For the safety of our students, no child will be released from school early unless these procedures are followed. All students in Kindergarten and first grade must be collected by an escort (unless they stay for Student Care or they ride the bus).


Beginning at 8:25 AM each day, students may be dropped-off in the student drop-off zones located on right-hand side of Orchard Street between the entrances to the two school parking lots. More about procedures read on the Safe Routes to School page


If your child will not be attending school due to illness of other reason, please call the attendance line at (617) 993-5602 by 8:30 AM


Each year, an annual calendar is adopted by the School Committee and distributed to parents in September. The annual calendar includes early release days and curriculum days for staff development and parent conferences. On early release days, students are dismissed at 11:40. There is After-Care, but no lunches are provided. Therefore, children in After-Care must bring a bag lunch with them to school on early release days.



All absent and tardy students need to be reported directly to the office by parents and guardians, so we do not worry about the whereabouts of our students. To report an absence or tardy, please try to call us as soon as you become aware that there will be an absence or tardy by calling our 24 hour automated system at 617-993-5602. Tardy students arriving after 8:45 AM must be checked-in at the main office by an adult. Note: Instruction at Wellington Elementary School begins at 8:40 AM each day. The Wellington School strongly recommends that families work hard in order to consistently bring students to school on time. There are only 180 days of school and each day counts! Absent and tardy students do not achieve success at the same level and rate as their peers who consistently arrive to school, on time, and ready to learn.

Please note: By notifying the office about an absence or tardy the student will be marked “excused.” If the school staff never hears from a parent/guardian regarding a specific tardy or an absence, it is assumed to be “unexcused.” Regardless of how the absence or tardy is recorded, students who are chronically late or absent will be contacted by our school administration team if there is an attendance law/regulation violation. Please see more in our Family Handbook regarding attendance.