A Great Day
17 December 2021

A Great Day

Dear Wellington Families,

Today was a great day.  We were all safe at school and children spent the day learning, playing and interacting with each other.  The police were outside the building frequently throughout the day, and students followed their regular schedules together with their teachers.

On Monday we will have a Day of Peace. On this day we will explore the way that peace exists within ourselves, between others, and throughout large and small communities.  Our amazing art teacher, Sofija Chroneos, has created a school-wide art project based on the book I Am Peace by Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds in which everyone will participate. Teachers will also have the opportunity to select from a menu of peace-related activities such as mindfulness, yoga, and music, and will discuss peace through reading and learning about problem-solving and conflict resolution. We are hoping that our day of peace is extended beyond Monday and we enter our vacation week having expanded our repertoire of peace-making strategies, and feeling a little more connected to our community.

I look forward to seeing our students on Monday through Thursday of next week.  In the meantime, I wish you a peaceful weekend together with your children.  

With warmest regards,