Monday Updates - October 17th, 2022
16 October 2022

Monday Updates - October 17th, 2022

Dear Wellington Families,

What a beautiful New England fall weekend!  We hope that you an opportunity to spend some time outside in the sun enjoying the changing leaves and spectacular sunshine. We send our warmest holiday wishes to those in our community who will be observing Simchat Torah or Diwali in the upcoming days and weeks, as well as to everyone who celebrates the fall harvest.  It is a very special time of year. 

I am writing to share a few updates and reminders:

Early Release Days and Conferences:

The next three Wednesdays, October 19 and 26th and November 2nd, are early release days.  Dismissal will be at 11:40 and no lunch will be served. On those days teachers will be meeting with parents/guardians for conferences. If you have not signed-up for a conference, please reach out to your child's teacher. If you need any assistance with the process, please don't hesitate to ask for help - that is what we are here for! 

Car Drop-Off in the Morning

Our morning drop-off is designed to provide children with a warm and welcoming start to the day and to keep everyone safe. The only time/place in which car drop-off is allowed is from 8:30 - 8:40 AM in our staffed car drop-off line on the turf side of the building.  All other locations are for official district vehicles only and are not safe for drop-off or pick-up in the afternoon. Also, please remember that there is no parking in our fire lane at any time including dismissal.  We need to keep the fire lane clear for emergencies at all time. 

The Fun Run 

The rain may have delayed our fun a little but it did not cancel it. We are really excited the Fun Run that will take place this Friday at and around our school. We can't wait to get some exercise and raise some money for our PTO.  

A Note From Nurse Grimm

Illness Reminder

With the cold and flu season upon us, we are seeing an increase in students experiencing cold-like symptoms.  People who have symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, such as cough, fever (above 100.0),  sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea, should stay home. Testing is still recommended for people with symptoms of COVID-19 as soon as possible after symptoms begin. Staying home when sick can lower the risk of spreading. many infectious diseases, including COVID-19, to others.

Please report all positive results by completing this COVID Positive Reporting Form and call the  absence line at 617-993-5602 to report your child’s absence.   Visit our nursing site for more information on Illness guidelines and updated COVID protocol

Vision & Hearing Screening

Students in grades K-3 are screened for vision and hearing and students in grade 4 are screened for vision in accordance with Massachusetts General Law. Students are screened annually and notification is sent home if a child does not pass the screenings. If you do not receive notification, you can assume that your child has passed the basic school screening.

These screenings are not intended to substitute for medical care. School screenings are designed to ensure that students are able to participate in the school learning environment to the best of their abilities. If your child has been recently screened by their provider, screenings may not be done at school. Screenings have begun in Kindergarten and will continue throughout the fall into the winter months.

Halloween Reminder

With Halloween right around the corner, please remember the many students (and some staff) with life threatening food allergies in our school. Interestingly, candy is the #1 offender of hidden allergens. I encourage everyone to think of creative ways to keep our students healthy and happy this Halloween.

Our school policy includes not giving out any candy, chocolate, or food in classrooms and reminding all students not to share or trade any “treats”. This is important not only during Halloween, but at all times to avoid  potential food related reactions and illness.

Please do not send any candy to school. We are trying to teach good nutrition, keep children with food allergies safe, and support children with other health conditions. It is helpful if you save those treats for home and avoid sending candy in for snack and lunch whenever possible.

Tips for a safe and helpful Halloween:

● Consider participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project which is a worldwide movement to create a safer, happier Halloween for all kids, especially those with food allergies, by providing non-food treats and posting a ‘teal pumpkin’ picture in your window. For more information visit

● Consider having your child donate a portion of their candy to those less fortunate. For some ideas check out this site. .

● Inspect your child’s treats carefully. Throw away anything that may have been tampered with or containing small pieces of hard candy that may be a choking hazard for young children.   Most of all, stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors!

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out at any time with questions or concerns. Have a great week! 

With warmest regards,