Wellington School is an elementary school for grades K-4 that services one of the four districts in Belmont, MA.  Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values are the cornerstone for excellence in support of the school.  The basic curriculum covers the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology, and Visual Arts.  Each grade has a set of Benchmarks within each of these topics which can be found in the departments section of the website.

In addition to the basic curriculum, learning is enriched on a regular basis through special events and activities. The Arts and Enrichment Programs of the parent-teacher organization (PTO) sponsor artists, authors, and scientists in residence, marine biologists, musicians, opera performances, historical educators, dance companies, and storytellers. These programs supplement the curriculum.

Students attend school from 8:40 AM to 2:50 PM with a midday break for lunch and recess. Parents may elect to have their child attend a before or after school program for a fee. These programs are structured and supervised, and range from specific enrichment activities in arts, STEM, and athletics to after school care while you work that also includes time for reading, homework, and snacks


Elementary Schools Philosophy

The Belmont Elementary School program (K-4) is designed to assist children in the process of growing up and of preparing them to live useful lives as citizens. Its purpose is to promote maximum growth and development in emotional stability, social adjustment, physical development, and mental abilities as student’s progress through the grades.

The framework of the elementary school is based on the philosophy that public education is the chief instrument for achieving the goals of American democracy. In order that these goals may be attained, the elementary school provides experiences which develop understandings, attitudes, and skills necessary to democratic living and at the same time provide for the adjustment of the individual to the group.

The school and community are inseparable. The program of instruction derives vitality and purpose from the resources of the community and, in turn, lifts and enriches the level of life in the community. The elementary schools recognize that the community consists of individuals who live, work, play and learn together. Those who attend school shall bear the imprint of the family and community life which they have experienced. Teachers shall take advantage of, and build upon, what is already available to the child in her or his environment.

Wellington School Statement of Purpose and Core Values

Effort, Respect, and Responsibility

Years ago, members of the Wellington Elementary School community worked together to develop the following core values for all of our students and community members. It is our hope that our students will further develop their appreciation for these core values of Effort, Respect, and Responsibility during the time they attend Wellington Elementary School.

  • Members of the Wellington Elementary School community support all students to have success.
  • Effort is the first step towards achieving success in school.
  • Each student can expect to be supported by teachers, by family members, and by other students to acquire the self-regulation, confidence, perseverance, and flexibility to develop his/her/their ability to apply effort in school.
  • Effort made toward achieving success is a source of pride for all of us.
  • At Wellington Elementary School, we respect and value each person in our school community, in our home community, and in our global community.
  • Each of us is unique and special in physical characteristics, interests, opinions, beliefs, learning styles, and in gender, race, age, and nationality. But we also have much in common.
  • At Wellington Elementary School, we celebrate and value both our differences and similarities.
  • We strive to remain open to, and interested in, our distinctions.
  • We reach out in friendship and compassion to one another and treat each other with kindness. We also create many opportunities to understand, cooperate, and grow with members of our community.
  • We also create many opportunities to understand, cooperate, and grow with members of our community.
  • Members of Wellington Elementary School community live responsibly and expect others to behave responsibly.
  • We seek to develop awareness of how our personal decisions will impact others, individually and globally.
  • We learn to behave responsibly towards ourselves, peers, school staff, family, and community by learning about and working for the communities we share: classroom, school, neighborhood, town, state, country, and world.
  • Each person’s ultimate fulfillment is tied to the success of the larger community.
  • The Wellington Elementary School community supports and celebrates life-long learning: adults and children alike, motivated by the joy of discovering and attaining new knowledge.
  • As inspired learners, we are open-minded and inquisitive about new cultures and disciplines.
  • We are interested in others’ thinking and sharing our ideas when we work with others.
  • We feel free to ask new questions and persist in seeking answers using a variety of resources.
  • We enjoy taking risks and meeting new challenges. In the pursuit of new skills and interests, we discover and develop different learning potentials and styles within ourselves.
  • In the pursuit of new skills and interests, we discover and develop different learning potentials and styles within ourselves.