PTO Executive Board and Committees

The PTO is made up of the Executive Board and numerous committees. Together these groups support the Wellington School in many areas.

Wellington PTO Executive Board

A nominating committee is put together by the Executive Board in early spring to identify candidates for the following year's Executive Board. The members of the Executive Board are voted in at the general PTO annual meeting in May. If not all are identified at this time, they are voted in at the first general PTO meeting in September. The Executive Board is made up of the President(s), Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary(s), Vice President(s) and the Principal.

NOTE: General Board = executive board + faculty rep + student care board representative.

Position Board Member Contact


Lindsay Kalmakis

Aisha Foxx Telfort

VP Community Events

Jas Kaur

VP Community Events

Maggie Croy


VP Fundraising

Allison Dahl

Lucy Seche

VP Programs

Ali Weihofen

Sarah Aldy


Sara Colleary


Lander Arrue

Beth Berwick

Accounts Receivable / Payable

Kellie Gallagher


Ingrid Henry



Selena Fonseca

Co-President Student Care Board *

Kellie Gallagher

Co-President Student Care Board *

Noel Friedman

Faculty Representative *

Mina Vahedi

Faculty Representative *

Cindy St. Clair  

Principal †

Heidi Paisner-Roffman

VP After School Extracurricular (ASE)

Jenn Murphy

Audrey Miller

Technology Coordinator

Matt Brown


* share one vote
† non-voting member

For the most up to date listing of PTO Committees and Coordinators please refer to the Student Directory that you receive in the fall. If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Kalmakis & Aisha Foxx Telfort, Wellington PTO Co-Presidents.