Mission Statement

The mission of the Patrons/PARTS is to provide production and activity support to the Performing Arts Company students and the Department of Fine and Performing Arts of Belmont High School. Our goal is to provide this support through fundraising, volunteer efforts, and student advocacy to provide a welcoming, nurturing, and academically educational environment for the Performing Arts students and their parents at Belmont High School.

What Does PARTS Do?

PARTS provides the back-stage business support for each of the shows produced by the Performing Arts Company (PAC) of Belmont High School. We provide support and assistance for The Company's events, raise funds to purchase theatre equipment and supplies, as appropriate, and host the end of year PAC awards banquet.

For each production PARTS is responsible for and assists with:

  • Publicity including press releases & ads, sandwich boards, banners, poster and flyer distribution
  • Online, in-store, and door ticket sales
  • Design and publishing of play programs
  • Costumes and set construction
  • Production photography; video productions of each performance
  • Design and construction of bio boards of the cast, crew and pit
  • Snacks for the students during dress rehearsals and performances, as needed
  • Intermission concessions for each show
  • Other activities as needed

None of this is possible without the work of many, many members and our fundraising efforts which may include:

  • Membership drive
  • Parent and business program ad sales
  • Refreshments sales at each performance
  • Raffles held during productions
  • Sale of production photos of cast, crew, and pit
  • Donations

How can you help?

The best way to help is by joining PARTS and volunteering for a task during each of the productions. We don't want any one person to be overwhelmed. If you choose just one task and "play that role" for each production, your job becomes easier and more manageable. All PARTS parents are asked to provide backstage snacks and/or contributions to offset the cost of snacks during dress rehearsals and performances: this way we all share the work, share the excitement of productions, and get to know our performing arts students.