BHS Theater Classes

Acting 1 (CP, 2.5 Credits)

A fast paced workshop format designed to develop and strengthen acting, observation and listening skills through exercises in creative movement, vocal work, improvisation, creative dynamics, pantomime and theater exercises. The central focus of this beginning level class is to build ensemble within the class and begin to reflect our own inner resources as actors.

Introduction to Technical Theater and Design (CP, 2.5 Credits)

The course is designed to give students an overview of core concepts and elements of theatrical design. The course will combine study of theater history, dramatic analysis of text and theory with practical work in all areas of design,  including scenic design, lighting, costumes and sound. It will focus on understanding the role of a designer in executing an artistic vision for production, from initial reading of a script to performance. Students in the class will be encouraged to join the crew for one of the Performing Arts Company productions to gain further practical experience.

Advanced Acting, Dramatic Literature and Directing (Honors, 5 Credits)

Building on the skills gained in Acting 1, this advanced class strives to complete the actor's portfolio with an emphasis on acting, analysis of dramatic literature and principles of directing. Students will explore various methods and styles of acting through in-class scene study and monologue prep. Students will combine acting training with study of dramatic literature, from classical to contemporary including Greek Drama, Shakespeare and Modern American Drama. This culminating theater class at the high school will introduce the acting student to the world of directing through script analysis, production design and practical directing work.