Parents of Music Students, Inc. (POMS)

Parents of Music Students, Inc. (POMS) is a parent/community organization affiliated with the Belmont Public Schools. Established in 1971, POMS has provided tremendous support for the K-12 music program. Ongoing support from POMS provides broad based advocacy for the program at the community level, scholarships for students, recognition of outstanding student achievement, assistance with various school programs and concerts including the marching band and Saturday Morning Music School, clinicians to work with students and faculty, and many other activities that enable the Belmont Public Schools to continue to provide its students with rich musical experiences and a comprehensive program at all grade levels

Contact POMS

Please send us membership application, donation, question or comments to the following address:

POMS Membership Committee
PO Box 48
Belmont, MA 02478

Why You Should Join POMS

CMS Honors ConcertIs there a young musician in your home? Parents of Music Students (POMS) invites you to become a member. For over 30 years this organization has supported our outstanding music faculty and students by raising money and donating volunteer hours for publicity and events.

I am already a member and I want to help more.

You can volunteer at one of our events and/or find out about other ways you can contribute your time and expertise by emailing:

I don't have a lot of time to volunteer, but I would be happy to make a contribution. 

Thank you! You can make a donation to POMS by completing the Membership Form above. Becoming a POMS "member" doesn't obligate you to attend meetings, volunteer time, etc.

I’m not a parent of a music student. Can I still join?

Yes you can! If you love music and our towns’ children, we would love your help. Simply contact us and/or fill out our membership form. 

Are you a POMS Alumnus?
We’d love to have you back. Just shoot us an email: