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Orchestra Program

The Chenery Middle School Orchestras perform at an exceptionally high level thanks to to hard work and dedication of the students and teachers involved in this program. The Grade 5 Orchestra picks up where our Grade 4 beginning instruction leaves off, and is led by Meg Dagon. These students attend two (2) 50-minute group lessons and two (2) orchestra rehearsals per six-day cycle.

In Grades 6-8, each grade-level orchestra rehearses four times per six-day cycle under the direction of Margot Reavey, who has been the orchestra director at CMS/BHS since 2007.



Our mission is to educate all students in a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities for expression in art, music, drama and dance that enable them to participate actively as consumers and makers of the arts in a diverse global community.

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