Elementary Schools Visual Art Program

Visual Art is a vital component of the core academic curriculum in each of our four elementary schools. Our curriculum in Grade K-4 based upon the National Standards for Art Education and the Massachusetts Frameworks for Art Education. It is designed to provide students with basic technical skills as artists and an understanding of the seven fundamental elements of design (line, shape, color, texture, form, value and space). In addition, students develop the ability to think creatively and make artistic choices about their own work and how best to communicate their ideas in the selected medium.


Our Teachers

For detailed information specific to a particular school, please contact the appropriate art teacher below:

Students in Grades K-4 spend 45-minutes per week in a dedicated art studio classroom with one of our licensed, highly qualified art educators. The art teacher in each building works closely with classroom grade-level teachers to plan cross-curricular projects that allow students to experience their curriculum in different ways.

iPads in 'Art Studio 201'

Thanks to generous grants from the Wellington School PTO, students at Wellington have incorporated the use of iPads into their visual art curriculum. The iPads allow students to create using a digital medium that is vastly different than the traditional materials used in K-4 art classrooms. They also allow students to interact and collaborate in new and exciting ways. Please visit the Wellington Art Website to learn more about how iPads are being used in Art Studio 201.