Grade 7-8 Visual Art: Curriculum Overview

Grade 7 Art Curriculum: Key Concepts

  • Clay: Slab Construction
  • Depth: Atmospheric perspective (bird's eye view)
  • Portraiture: Universal human facial proportions, Facial expressions
  • Color Theory: Value chart, Mixing realistic skin tone with paint
  • Printmaking: Reduction printmaking (linoleum cut)
  • Sculpture: Mixed media
  • Art as Communication: Identity
  • Art History, Curricular Connections: Weather, World geography
  • Other Art Skills: Drawing texture, Gesture drawing
  • Other Concepts: Mood


Grade 8 Art Curriculum: Key Concepts

  • Clay: Review and synthesis of 5th - 7th grade skills
  • Depth: Two-point perspective (interiors, exteriors)
  • Portraiture: Figure proportions, Drawing from live models, Gesture drawing, Silhouette
  • Color Theory: Monochromatic and analogous colors
  • Printmaking: Screen print, Stencils, Experimental techniques
  • Sculpture: Mixed media
  • Art as Communication: Current social issues (raising awareness, making a personal statement)
  • Art History & Curricular Connections: Harlem Renaissance
  • Other Art Skills: Personal style development
  • Other Concepts: Alternative approaches to portraiture (beyond realism), Using realistic images to represent abstract ideas

For detailed curriculum, information see Learning Benchmarks