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Grade 7-8 Visual Art: Curriculum Overview

Grade 7 Art Curriculum: Key Concepts

Clay: Slab construction
Depth: Atmospheric perspective (bird's eye view)
Portraiture: Universal human facial proportions, facial expressions
Color Theory: value chart, mixing realistic skin tone with paint
Printmaking: Reduction printmaking (linoleum cut)
Sculpture: mixed media
Art As Communication: Identity
Art History & Curricular Connections: weather, world geography
Other art skills: drawing texture, gesture drawing
Other Concepts: mood


Grade 8 Art Curriculum: Key Concepts

Clay:  Review and synthesis of 5th – 7th grade skills
Depth: Two-point perspective (interiors, exteriors)
Portraiture: Figure proportions, drawing from live models, gesture drawing, silhouette
Color Theory: monochromatic and analogous colors
Printmaking: Screen print, stencils, experimental techniques
Sculpture: mixed media
Art As Communication: Current social issues (raising awareness, making a personal statement)
Art History & Curricular Connections: Harlem Renaissance
Other Art Skills:  Personal style development
Other Concepts:  Alternative approaches to portraiture (beyond realism), using realistic images to represent abstract ideas

Grade 8 Printmaking Elective Curriculum

Techniques:  Stamping, Relief Printing with Styrofoam, White Line Printmaking, Reduction printing with linoleum block, Collograph, Embossing, Screen print, Etching

Concepts: Printmaking in historical contexts, advertisement and communication, creating multiples/edition/series, contemporary and traditional methods

Grade 8 Drawing and Painting Elective Curriculum

Concepts:  Humor, Product design, Expression, Architecture, Protest, Advertising, Symbolic imagery, Invention, Storytelling, Illustration, Education, Traditions, Recording history

Grade 8 Sculpture Elective Curriculum

Concepts:  Storytelling, Installation, Abstract Art




Our mission is to educate all students in a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities for expression in art, music, drama and dance that enable them to participate actively as consumers and makers of the arts in a diverse global community.

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