Grades 5-6 Visual Art: Curriculum Overview

Grade 5 Art Curriculum: Key Concepts

Clay:  Pinch, review techniques for joining (score, slip, smoosh, smooth)
Depth: Foreground/middle ground/background, literal and figurative landscape
Portraiture: Review of realistic human proportions
Color Theory: Color wheel review (primary, secondary, tertiary, complement, neutrals, tints and shades)
Printmaking: collograph
Sculpture: plaster
Art As Communication: Visual narratives
Art History, Curricular Connections: Poetry, tessellations, literature (Roald Dahl, Holes, etc.

Other art skills: drawing animals, sequential art
Other concepts: abstraction, global environmental awareness

Grade 6 Art Curriculum: Key Concepts

Clay: Coil construction, additive and subtractive techniques
Depth: One point perspective (at ground level)
Portraiture: Family/group portraits
Color Theory: Warm and cool colors, review of tints and shades
Printmaking: Styrofoam printing 
Sculpture: Papier mâché, recyclable materials, mask-making, weaving
Art As Communication: Creating Visual Culture, Community
Art History & Curricular Connections: architectural plans, myths and legends, heroes, ancient civilizations, scientific drawing and observations. 
Other Art Skills: Observational drawing, composition (crop and zoom),
Other Concepts: Nonobjective art vs. abstract art

For detailed curriculum information see Learning Benchmarks