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iPad Use Guidelines

iPad Use Guidelines

Belmont High School iPad Program

Your student will be receiving an iPad as part of his/her participation in the Belmont High School iPad Program. This is part of an exciting program designed to create more opportunities for research and learning in a one-to-one environment. There are several guidelines and requirements of which you and your student should be aware.

Prior to students receiving iPads, parents and students must sign and return this iPad Use Agreement. The iPad Use Agreement details the student’s responsibility to protect Belmont High School’s iPad investment. Students will receive basic instruction on iPad use and care. This form should be returned even if you are providing your own iPad.

Students who receive iPads from the district are required to return their iPads at the end of the school year for inventory and maintenance. If a student leaves Belmont High School during the school year, the iPad will be returned at that time; including the iPad protective case, stylus pen (if applicable), charger wall plug and charger cable. Families will be charged for any missing/damaged iPads or related accessories

Families are responsible for insuring the device against damage or loss, whether by self-insuring or through purchase of one of several inexpensive insurance policies commercially available.  This applies to both student-owned and district-provided iPads.

iPad Care and Maintenance

Students are responsible for taking care of the iPads assigned to them. Although they are relatively durable, iPads have glass screens and other parts which can be damaged. Damaged or lost iPads must be reported to the Technology Department immediately.

• iPads must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for extended periods of time; nor should they be left in cars.

• To prevent damage, care must be taken when inserting and removing cords/cables.

• Do not use the iPad in busy places such as gyms and playgrounds.

• Take care not to drop the iPad or place on a surface area from which they can be easily pushed off.

The case issued with the iPad provides sufficient protection under normal use. It does not, however, protect from drops or other impact. iPads should remain in their cases at all times. iPads and their cases must remain free of any writing, stickers or labels which are not provided by the Belmont Public Schools. iPad screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. The glass is particularly susceptible to damage from excessive pressure.

• Do not sit or lean on the iPad.

• Use caution when inserting or removing iPads from backpacks.

• Be sure to close the cover, when you have finished using the iPad. There is an elastic strap which should be used to keep the cover closed.

• Use only a dry, clean, soft cloth to clean the screen. Do not use cleansers or liquids of any type, not even water.

• Under no circumstances should iPads be left unattended and do not allow other people to use your iPad.

Backing up Files

If an iPad is presented for technical assistance, it may be necessary to reload apps or reimage the device. This process could erase data, including notes and class projects. There is no guarantee that a replacement divice will be of the type or model as the original. It is the student’s responsibility to back up their iPad. This can be done by activating iCloud backup on your iPad. Additional backup settings should be set within the Notability app as well. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

Internet Safety and Acceptable Use

iPads are intended for educational use at school and students are responsible for bringing iPads to class. iPads are a required part of the class much like a notebook or textbook. As with all network devices, iPad use is subject to the terms of the Student Acceptable Use Policy, and applies to use at school and outside school. Although internet access will be filtered in the district and off the campus, no system is perfect and internet usage should be monitored by parents. Inappropriate use will result in disciplinary action. Downloading game apps or accessing other non-educational materials is not allowed.


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