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Accessibility Statement

The Belmont Public Schools has embarked on a multi-year program to ensure its websites are accessible by those with disabilities. We will continue to develop our websites for greater accessibility.

We included enhancements of the Sitecues plug-in which promotes accessibility and usability for all visitors including those who are blind or visually impaired. 

Sitecues is a free for users of our websites assistive technology that is built into every page and offers speech and zoom tools. More information on Sitecues can be found below.

Sitecues Zoom and Speech: Help and Tips

Sitecues makes it easier to see, hear and use this website.

Zoom the entire web page or the parts that most interest you. You can even listen to Sitecues speak the text aloud. A series of short videos to demonstrate how to use Sitecues is available on the YouTube.

Page Zoom

Sitecues Control Panel icon

With the mouse, hover over the Sitecues icon and use the slider to zoom in and out.

You can also simply press + or - to zoom with the keyboard — please see the full list of keyboard tips below.

One-Touch Read

The One-Touch Read feature zooms in on your selected content — and can also read it to you aloud. One-Touch Read is enabled once Sitecues zoom or speech is turned on.

Zoom part of a web page

  • Start by moving your mouse to something you want to read. It should be highlighted (if it isn't, make sure zoom or speech have been enabled in Sitecues).
  • Press the spacebar to zoom the highlighted area.

Listen to part of a web page

First, turn on speech:

  • With the mouse, hover over the Sitecues icon and click on the speech button
  • Highlight text that you want to read then press the spacebar

Keyboard Commands

Zooming the page

  • + to zoom in
  • - to zoom out
  • Hold these keys down longer to zoom or unzoom for longer

One-Touch Zoom

  • If nothing is highlighted yet, press Spacebar to highlight something near the center of the screen.
  • Move the highlight around with the Up / Down / Left / Right arrow keys.
  • Press Spacebar again to zoom the highlighted area (One-Touch Read).
  • Next press Escape to close One-Touch Read. Pressing Escape a second time will clear highlighting.
  • Navigate quickly with H / Alt+H to move forwards/backwards by heading.

One-Touch Read (Speech)

  • Press Alt+S to turn speech on or off
  • Now, the One-Touch command (Spacebar) will also read text.

Exploring with Speech

Pressing the Shift key while moving the highlight tells Sitecues to read highlighted areas. There are several ways to use it:

  • Shift+arrow to move and read in the given direction
  • Shift+H to move to the next heading and read it
  • Shift while moving the mouse to read whatever the mouse moves over
  • Shift by itself to read the current highlight

Using shift to speak works whether or not speech is turned on in the Sitecues panel.

Other Cool Shortcuts

You can zoom the page with your mouse. Try holding down Control key while rolling your mousewheel.

Quitting Sitecues

To quit Sitecues, either turn off both zoom and speech, or press Alt+0.


The office of Educational Technology is located on the second floor of the Belmont High School.

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  • Mon - Fri 8:00am - 4:00 pm
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  • Contact webmaster: webmaster@belmont.k12.ma.us