Department of Instructional Technology


The mission of the Belmont Public Schools is to educate children, preparing them to learn from the past, imagine the future, and meet the challenges of the present. We believe that educational excellence flourishes in an atmosphere of cooperation, safety,and mutual respect, and results from dedicated partnerships between schools and the community. 


Our vision is that students and staff will have ubiquitous access to the tools of technology and the skills to effectively use them for the process of education. We also envision that the school administration will leverage technology to enable the most efficient and effective means of managing the business of schooling.

Technology Leadership

Leadership and planning for technology within the Belmont Public Schools will primarily come from three sources—the School Committee, School Administration, and the District Technology Leaders which contains members from each school. The building principals and curriculum directors shall also play a vital role in providing leadership and direction for subject and grade level technology utilization and planning. 

The implementation of technology plans and projects is the responsibility of the school administration (Director of Technology). The school administration (Director of Technology) should conduct ongoing technology audits as part of the technology planning process.

Funding Structure

The Belmont Public Schools recognize that technology is an ongoing budget item and has placed appropriate accounts into the budget. These include the following:

  • Personnel (administrative, technical, and instructional)
  • Staff development
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Infrastructure (including contractual services)
  • Consumable technology supplies 

It is also recognized within the Town government that there will be an ongoing request or capital funds as aging and broken school technology equipment needs to be replaced.


The school department will assume the leadership role for the management of the Town Municipal Area Network (MAN). This will include the creation of standards (physical layer, protocol layer (IP address schemes)), and will manage the switching, routing, V-LAN configurations and firewall for the MAN. As new network services are proposed, (e.g. telephone, security monitoring), planning will be done in coordination and cooperation with the Town and all appropriate departments. 

Network electronics throughout the infrastructure of the Town and schools will need periodic upgrade and expansion. Infrastructure improvements will be identified and included in technology budget planning, and capital requests.

Our Staff

Steve Mazzola

Director of Technology

email Steve
Mr. Steve Mazzola 
Director of Technology

Phil Sullivan

Network Manager

email Phil
Mr. Phil Sullivan 
Network Manager

Nathan Preston

Assistant Network Manager

email Nate
Mr. Nathan Preston 
Assistant Network Manager

Daniel Spadola

Network Systems Specialist

email Dan
Mr. Daniel Spadola 
Network Systems Specialist

Patrick McLaughlin

Computer Systems Specialist

email Patrick
Mr. Patrick McLaughlin 
Computer Systems Specialist

Beth Allen

Computer Systems Specialist

email Beth
Ms. Beth Allen 
Computer Systems Specialist

Gerald Sullivan

Computer Systems Specialist

email Gerry
Mr. Gerald Sullivan 
Computer Systems Specialist

Dolores Rapuano-Shea

Computer Systems Specialist

email Dolores
Ms. Rapuano-Shea 
Computer Systems Specialist




Natalya Bochkov

Web Content Manager

email Natalya
Ms. Natalya Bochkov 
Web Content Manager

Christine Trischitta

Compliance Specialist

email Christine
Mrs. Christine Trischitta
Compliance Specialist

Eileen Buys

Technology Assistant

email Eileeen
Ms. Eileen Buys
Technology Assistant